The Top 50 Most Popular Roomba Names

Is it weird to name your robot vacuum cleaner? No, no, it isn’t. As evidenced by the hundreds of cool Roomba names we’ve captured from videos, forums, listicles, social media, and our own iRobot Home App.

If you want to name your vacuum servant “Alfred” or “Cat Sitter,” then you go right ahead. Our iRobot Home App actually asks you if you’d like to name it. So, let go and get creative!

With that pass now issued, what should you name your Roomba® robot vacuum? What are some good Roomba names floating around on the inter-web today that you can steal and claim for your robot?

Our iRobot Home App compiled a user-generated list of the most popular Roomba® robot vacuum names.  It seems that we have an abundance of clever and witty customers! We’d be hard-pressed to come up with these creative, funny (or punny), and all-too-brilliant names ourselves.

Check out some of our favorites below:

Our Favorite Roomba® Namesroomba j7 names

Some robot-namers out there just get it – the fun that comes with owning a robot, and the reality that we’re a lot closer to the futuristic and cartoon depictions of life than we may notice.

Or, maybe it’s just the same kind of kinship that people have with their car. There’s always the “Betty,” the “Purple People-Eater,” and the “Beast” … you get the picture. It’s just satisfying in a way that naming your couch just isn’t.

Let’s find your robot a name with that in mind, shall we?

Funny Roomba Name Ideas

We like a good name as much as any, but these give us a few chuckles and claimed a warm place in our hearts.

roomba i3 on carpet with kids playing

Top selections:

  • Mr. Clean- Yeah, he is! Cleaning is literally your Roomba® robot vacuum’s only job so it should be in its name
  • Furminator- Its enemy isn’t humans this time, it’s fur
  • Dirty Harry- Your Roomba® robot vacuum may not be a cowboy like Dirty Harry, but it sure will draw on any dirty hairballs it senses
  • Optimus Grime- He came to earth to save us from grime
  • DJ RoombaIt’s a reference to a speaker toting Roomba® robot vacuum on a popular sitcom that pumps some tunes while getting the job done. Why can’t cleaning be fun?
  • Buttercup- If you’re a Princess Bride fan, your mind might’ve jumped to Princess Buttercup, and that… just doesn’t make sense for a robot vacuum name. “Suck it up, buttercup,” on the other hand, sure does. Okay, we’re a little corny sometimes

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Cool robot names in pop culture

When something is a part of pop culture, it just happens to get twisted and used again and again for everything- from household appliances to memes. So, it only makes sense that there’d be a few great robot names.

  • Mr. Robot- We feel like… they had this one coming when they chose the name for the show
  • Meryl Sweep- No disrespect to the G.O.A.T of all acting, but this is too clever
  • Mr. Roboto- Domo arigato Mr. Roboto… okay, this one is just a fun play on words
  • Iron Man– Tony Stark may not have built the Roomba® robot vacuum, but we’d still like to think it belongs in the collection of superheroes

Name your robot vacuum after a famous robot

There are TONS of “famous” robots, and the good majority of them happen to be of great help to the world or their companions. Some also happen to be magnificent housekeepers.

Some of our favorite robot names for a Roomba®:Old classic robot toys.

  • RosieThis is the most popular name for our robot vacuums by far, with over 200k registered under this name. The cheery cheeked robot maid from the Jetsons sure is one to contend with, but we think your Roomba® robot vacuum can keep up
  • Wall-ENearly 70 thousand Roomba® robot vacuums in the world share this name. And why not? He was made to clean up after humans and had a very arduous job before he took on saving humanity. Your Roomba® robot vacuum might not have quite as big a task, but it’ll save your little slice of life
  • RobocopIt only makes sense that a cleaning robot would be named after a cop. Think about it. It’s trying to catch you and your family in the act of dropping crumbs but settles for picking them up. Not quite as dramatic as the movie
  • Marvin- Your Roomba® robot vacuum isn’t clinically depressed like Marvin as he hitchhikes through the galaxy, and it won’t have feelings one way or another when you issue it an order
  • Terminator- Your Roomba® robot vacuum can surely terminate some of those dust bunnies that weasel their way into corners and under furniture
  • R2D2- Ah, the trusty companion of Luke Skywalker, and best friend of C3PO. He just happens to turn up at the best moments to save the day (like saving Luke and Leia from the trash heap. Hopefully you won’t face that problem). Oh, and a Roomba® robot vacuum is the droid you’re looking for

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Pet names that make the best Roomba names

We all love our fur babies, so why not name a Roomba® robot vacuum after one.

After all, they do romp around the house– maybe even follow you around the house– and are most active in the rooms that you’re most active in.

j7 Roomba cleaning hardwood floor with dog in dog bed

Some great names for your Roomba® robot vacuum that are inspired by pet names are:

  • Fido- Dogs are often great and loyal companions. Some might even say they’re animals that you can trust and confide in. That’s exactly where the name comes from (Fido in Latin means “to trust or confide”) and is hence a wonderful name for your trusty robot vacuum
  • Fluffy- It may be a pretty common name for very poofy dogs, but others recognize it as the name for the three-headed dog that guards the Chamber of Secrets.  Your Roomba® robot vacuum might not be guarding any secrets in your home, but it might be pulling some fluff out of your carpet a time or two (I guess that could count as a secret)
  • Scooby- He’s a dog. He’s a detective. He’s a detective dog… with a hankering for tasty Scooby snacks. This means he’ll be hunting all of the crumbs and uncovering all the criminal dust bunnies around your home
  • Toto- Okay, Toto is just a cute puppy that happened to find himself in a very unfortunate tornado, though that may be fitting if you often feel like your home had a tornado blow through it

Now, here are tips on how to get all the pet hair out of your pet-named vacuum:


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Roomba® robot vacuums named after butlers

Robot names tend to be related to what the robot accomplishes, and since that’s cleaning, popular maids and butler names get roped in.

They didn’t ask for it. They didn’t know their names would be used for a household, technologically advanced vacuum. But we just can’t help it, can we? These names just make too much sense.

  • Jeeves There are a lot of Jeeves out in the world, such as “Ask Jeeves”, and the gentleman butler from World of Warcraft. Take your pick. Robot Maid Holding A Tray And Serving Food And Drink In Modern Domestic Kitchen With Blurred Background. Artificial Intelligence And Smart Robotics Concept.
  • Lurch- He may lurk quite a bit and doesn’t seem to get much real cleaning done (though I think the Addam’s Family likes the aesthetic of the cobwebs), but your Roomba® robot vacuum will
  • Mrs. Doubtfire- Is arguably one of the most reliable housekeepers/ maids/ nannies on this list
  • Cinderella- Not a nanny, or housekeeper, or butler, or maid, but she sure was treated like one. At least until she found her Disney prince
  • Mary Poppins- She’s a nanny, ok, but she did teach the kids to clean up after themselves with the snap of her fingers (so it counts)
  • Alfred- The butler and father figure of Batman
  • DobbyHe’s not a butler, per se, but he is a house-elf, and they do clean up after us humans without making a scene

What is the most popular Roomba name?

Our most popular Roomba names are surprisingly simple. Names such as Rosie (over 200k), Alice, Hazel, Alfred, or Dusty are always in the mix.

Maybe it’s because these names are simple, easy for everyone in the household to remember, and are a bit of a nod to pop culture of the past.

We all recognize Rosie as the lovable robot maid in the Jetsons. Alice is the maid from the Brady Bunch. Hazel is the name of a maid from a 1940s comic strip, and a 1960s television show. Alfred, ah, Alfred, the forever loyal “butler” / pan-ultimate hero-raiser of Batman.

And Dusty… well, that one’s just about all the dust it’ll suck up on its journey through your home.


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The Top 50 Roomba Names:

  1. Rosie
  2. Wall-E
  3. DJ Roomba
  4. Alfred
  5. Alice
  6. Hazel
  7. Bob
  8. R2D2
  9. Dusty
  10. Ruby
  11. Robbie
  12. Robotina
  13. Robot
  14. Consuela
  15. Robi
  16. Jarvis
  17. Robert
  18. Robby
  19. Maria
  20. Jeeves
  21. Dobby
  22. Rambo
  23. Roberta
  24. Rhonda
  25. George
  26. James
  27. Betty
  28. Fred
  29. Robo
  30. Lucy
  31. Roombie
  32. Cinderella
  33. Rosey
  34. Robbi
  35. Conchita
  36. Sally
  37. Lola
  38. Charlie
  39. Staubi
  40. Harry
  41. Wally
  42. Rumba
  43. Roomba Upstairs
  44. Roberto
  45. Mr. Clean
  46. Nono
  47. Eva
  48. Max
  49. Karen
  50. Steve

Keep in mind, that these are just the top 50. Other names didn’t quite make the top spots but are clever all the same. And we think they deserve some recognition.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Simon
  • Dustin
  • Bender
  • Cyborg
  • Dustbin
  • Roombastic
  • Little Helper
  • Meeseeks

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How to name (or change the name of) your Roomba® robot vacuum cleaner

Sure, you can simply pick a name and start calling your Roomba® robot vacuum that. Naming a car– or that stray cat your kid found, brought home, and kept in their room for a week before you noticed it– is just as easy.

But did you know you can change the name of your Roomba® robot vacuum within the iRobot app so that it’ll respond to voice commands with Google Assistant (part of Google Home) or Amazon Alexa* with that name?

Most of our Roomba® robot vacuums connect to home hubs, allowing for voice commands. So, changing the name would mean you could call out “Tell the Cookie Monster to get to work,” and your Roomba® robot vacuum.

j7 Roomba cleaning hardwood floor

Here’s how to change your Roomba name on the iRobot Home App:

  1. Open the iRobot Home App
  2. Navigate through Settings -> About (Robot Model) -> Robot Name
  3. Change the name to anything you like

Yep, it’s as simple as that. You’ll receive these instructions during the initial Roomba® robot vacuum setup, but you can change the name at any time.

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roomba s9 connected to wifiOh, one last thing– make sure your Roomba® robot vacuum is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device to ensure it syncs properly.

Naming your Roomba® robot vacuum should be as fun and kindred as naming a Camero… or minivan…

Representing a little bit of your personality, and a lot of your robot vacuums too. Is it wild? Does it chase after your messes? Is it daring (trying for the stairs-but just when you think it might go over, the cliff detection sensors pull it back from the brink)?

We know you get it. Now get to naming your Roomba® robot vacuum!

What did you name your Roomba® robot vacuum?

We’d love to know. Tell us on Twitter!

* Works with Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices. Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates. Google and Google Nest Hub are trademarks of Google LLC.


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