The Most Brilliant Toy Organization Ideas on TikTok

It’s finally happened, our kids’ toys have taken over our homes to the point where it doesn’t look like adults live there anymore. Worry not! With these toy organization ideas, you (we) will get our kids’ toys under control and out of sight without the help of a professional organizer.

Playroom Toy Storage

Our kids could merely glance at their playroom, and it instantly becomes a disaster. Nerf bullets everywhere and a bunch of LEGO® pieces decluttering, DIY storage solutions, and a good clean-up, their playroom is presentable and easier to maintain. These experts have cool playroom ideas to keep your kids’ play areas nice and organized.

Literally literary storage

Group books by color on your bookshelf to make it easy for children to spot the book they want. Bonus points for the aesthetically pleasing rainbow effect!

Simple storage unit


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Get a simple cubby shelf to hold storage bins. When organizing your storage bins, it is easy to organize by grouping like with like. Each type of toy should have its own bin for a simple way to store toys.

Clear plastic bins

Use clear plastic bins, so it’s easy for kiddos to find the toys they want to play with. Clear bins mean no rummaging through countless toy boxes looking for what you want, making an even bigger mess.

Bookshelf storage

Use decorative bookshelves as toy storage to keep your playroom in step with the rest of your home decor. Add attractive baskets and clear storage boxes containing small toys, big stuffed animals, and toy cars that might normally permanently live on the floor.

Keep your playroom effortlessly clean.

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Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

Somehow, every parent’s living room becomes the defacto playroom — even when you have a playroom. During playtime, the toys walk themselves out of the playroom and into your family room (It definitely wasn’t the kids. They tell us so!). You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I keep my toys organized in my living room?” Instead of fighting the tide, find a living room storage solution that works with your home decor. You can have a beautiful home, even with kids.

(Check out our blog about creating the perfect feng shui living room.)

Hidden storage

If you have young children, you understand that a playroom is a home for toys, but in reality, toys are played with in your living room. You can’t leave your toddler to their own devices in their playroom. Use storage containers with lids and your living room bookcase to store toys, so they are available for your baby but not in sight for guests. Plus, it’s an easy clean-up.

Keep toys in your media console to hide them from plain sight. Your kids can easily access their toys, but you don’t have to see them all the time.

Hide toys in plain site with storage baskets under your coffee table. You can choose storage bins that match your decor, so they fit right in, but secretly, they’re storing your kids’ messy toys.

Toy organization is only part of your house cleaning routine.

Try this house cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

When you have a small home, just a few things out of place make the whole space feel cluttered. Bulky storage solutions can add to the problem by taking up precious space. These home organization enthusiasts share how to make the most of your small space.

Existing storage

In your small space, you are bound to already have existing storage. Take advantage of what’s already there for storage. Do your kids have a play tent? Hide toys in there! Do you already have an ottoman with built-in storage? Put toys in there. Look around your small space and see what you can use to store toys.


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Use the storage built into your small home: closets! Choose one closet as the toy closet. Organize toys using baskets, and storage boxes, or even repurpose a shoe organizer to keep toys grouped correctly.

Montessori storage

Toy storage ideas for small spaces can be difficult. Keeping your home clutter-free with toys everywhere seems impossible if you’re living in a condo or a small house. With this Montessori table, toys are all contained within one storage solution.

Toy rotation

Use the toy rotation method. Keep toys contained in baskets and storage containers, grouped by activity. Rotate toys every 2-4 weeks, and keep the toys that are off rotation in a storage closet that the kids don’t easily access.

DIY organization


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Here is a DIY, inexpensive solution for organizing a small space. With $3 laundry baskets, you can organize toys and keep them out of sight. Organize your kids’ toys in the laundry baskets and place them under the bed. It takes minutes to put toys away, and all you need to do is add $3 laundry baskets to your digital shopping cart.

Sustainable storage

Choose sustainable storage in your small space with this idea. Use up-cycled materials to store your kids’ toys. Use food containers, canvas shoe bags, wooden crates, or repurposed packing materials to store small toys.

Kids Room Organization Hacks

Our kids’ bedrooms are a constant source of stress. The kiddos love when their bedrooms are clean, but as soon as they bust out their LEGOS® and art supplies, their floor becomes a crowded play area that they can’t seem to clean up. These inventive tips make it easy for them to clean up after playtime.

(Here’s a blog for the mamas – and papas – looking for a small bedroom feng shui bedroom layout.)

Stuffed animal storage

Too many stuffed animals? Try this hack from @beinwonderdesign. Take a bean bag chair, take the bean interior out and add your stuffed animals inside the bean bag. Sip it up, and your stuffies are hidden from sight. The best part? You can still use it as a bean bag.

Off-the-floor storage

Get an on-the-wall shelving unit to store toys without taking up important square footage (more room for activities).

Toy hammocks will blow your mind with the number of toys they store. Install it near the ceiling to keep toys below the eye line, or install it lower so your kiddos can access their toys (and put them away!). It’s ideal for stuffed animal storage.

Multi-purpose organization

When choosing the furniture for your little ones’ room, choose furniture that can also act as storage for multi-function joy. Most of the furniture in this room pulls double duty as storage, making it easy for kids to keep their space clean.

Unconventional storage solutions

Hole and peg organization isn’t just for garages. Use this time-tested and versatile organization strategy to customize the toy storage in your kids’ room. This is a great solution for Nerf toys, video game consoles, and art supplies.

Your kiddos should not only have clean rooms but clean air too.

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Best Toy Storage Ideas

You might be surprised by the nontraditional storage solutions available to keep your most difficult toys organized. From craft supplies to the unruly population of stuffed animals, there is a storage solution for every problem.

Tiny toys

Use mesh laundry bags to store all of the little pieces of games and toys together. We all know that once you lose one piece, the whole toy might as well have been lost. Then, add the mesh laundry bags to some pretty baskets, and you’ve got organized and attractive storage.


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Use crayon boxes for tiny toys. A color code system will take your organization up a notch and make it easy to find the toys you want.


Layered LEGO® bins keep your LEGO® pieces organized, and it might be possible to keep all of those LEGO® sets intact. Maybe. Probably not.

Store LEGO® pieces in a wheeled cart. Our kids play with LEGOS® in every room of the house, so we’re willing to bet that the wheel function of this storage option is helpful as you go room to room, cleaning up LEGOS®.


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Group your LEGOS® by shape and/or color and keep them contained within this storage caddy with compartments.

Toy cars

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Make your cars magnetic and store them on the wall. The nice thing about magnetic storage is your kiddo will have fun putting their toys away. Paint the bottom of the car with magnetic primer first, and then add metal strips to your wall. Now, all of your toy cars will stick to the magnetic strip.


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Make a carport for your toy cars. This gives them a “home” while keeping them neat and organized.

Do you have extra clear containers? Use them for toy car storage.

Art supplies


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Our favorite people at The Home Edit have done it again with this storage solution. The clear bins are ideal for art supplies.

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Convert your changing table into an art station!

Looking for inexpensive storage? Here it is. These containers can store paints, crayons, and coloring pencils.

Kids creating art = paint everywhere.

Get a Braava jet® m6 mop for a stress-free clean.

Board games


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Keep your board game bags in a desktop file folder organizer.


Organize your kids’ Barbie® accessories with jars, organization bags, and a label maker. Those labels will make all the difference when looking for Barbie® shoes VS doll house furniture.


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Jewelry organizers are perfect for tiny Barbie® accessories.

Dress up clothes


My daughter loves dressing up & we have outfits everywhere, so I decided to build a little dress up area. Hopefully it holds up #diy #dressup #girlmom

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Create a dress-up station with two small bookcases and a clothes rod. Your child can hang their clothes on the clothes rod and add all their accessories to the bookcase.

Do you have dress-up clothes and costumes with related accessories? Try this hack. Put related accessories in a Ziplock bag and attach them to your costume’s hangar so you don’t lose track of them.

Choose a drawer for your kids’ dress-up clothes so they always go to the same place. Keep accessories organized with boxes and inserts.

How to Keep Your Home Tidy with Kids’ Toys

No toy scenario can’t be tamed. From the tiny toys that creep up underfoot in the dark to the stuffed animals adorably poking out of a gift bag, there is a storage solution for them all.

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