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Not Sure What Robot Vacuum or Mop to Get?   

When choosing the ideal Roomba® robot vacuum for your home and lifestyle, make sure you consider these few factors…

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Where Is The Mess Typically Coming From?

Certain models of Roomba® robot vacuums can help keep your home clean of pet fur, while also avoiding any pet accidents.

What Does Your Space Look Like?

Only iRobot offers Dirt Detect™ technology to focus on the dirtier spots, like high traffic areas of your home.

What Type of Floors Do You Have in Your Home?

Our Roomba  Combo™ j7 robot vacuum and mop seamlessly switches from vacuuming carpets to mopping hardwood floors.

How Many Levels Does Your Home Have?


Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal


What is Your Preferred Level of Cleaning Customization?

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Your home is as unique as you— and we've got the vacuums and mops to keep it clean.

Use our interactive guide to find out which products are right for you!

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Once you are matched with your recommended robot vacuum or mop, it’s time to explore all its features and see it in action!