The Best Gifts for Grandpa That Are as Unique as He Is

As the holidays swing around, we start to think about gift ideas for our loved ones. In this case, gifts for men like your sweet grandpa.

This one can be a little tricky. After all, most grandfathers today grew up without much technology, even if they worked with some of the first computers man created (they filled an entire room– so we’ve been told, by grandpa).

He may not have the energy to ride his bike across the country or run random races on his way home from work like he used to. Though, he might still be sharp enough to count cards during a game of poker like he did in his younger years.

In other words, Grandpa lived an entire exciting life before he found his favorite chair and decided not to leave it (only kind of kidding).

What do you get for such a special person, that he’ll both find interesting and suited for his life now?

What is The Perfect Gift for The Best Grandpa Ever?

Only grandpa can determine the best gift ever. After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?

But that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a few ideas. Or, at least help you narrow down some possibilities.

To help you along, answer these questions first…

Is grandpa obsessed with technology?

These smart products are sure to capture his attention.

What are granddad’s hobbies?

Some grandpas have a never-ending list of hobbies.

They try one thing, then another, then another, and soon you have a room dedicated to wood dollhouses with tiny furniture, 3-D constructions of the Death Star, and a garden so grand it appears on the cover of a magazine for one year only.

Is he musical? Finding passion in listening to old records and dancing with grandma? Is he a young grandpa still attending concerts?

Strategic? (board games, anyone?)

A builder?

Just as you would any other family member or friend, think of a few things that stand out as passions for your grandpa. That may help drum up a few ideas, for a start.

What type of personality does dear old gramps have?

Grandpa doesn’t have any hobbies? It happens– especially if they’re the serious type, or were too busy working to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In that case (or if he just has a really strong personality) think of a quality that stands out about him.



A bit nerdy?

These personality types tend to stand out a lot more than other traits when it comes to gift giving (can you say gag gift?). So if your grandpa has one of those qualities about him, stand by, we have some ideas for you.

Is grandpa a cat dad?

Help grandpa bond with his fur buddy.

Try these gift ideas.

Finish this sentence, “What I love about grandpa is…”

There’s a lot to love about grandpa. But is there one trait or quirk about your grandpa that encapsulates your love for him?

Does he show up to all of your games?

Is he constantly showing his care and love for you by showing interest in your interests, making you food, or supporting your dreams?

Think about the one thing that sums up your grandpa, and we’ll give you a few gift ideas to capitalize on that quality below.

There’s a Grandpa Gift for Every Occasion

Okay, so it completely matters what holiday or occasion you’re buying grandpa a gift for. For example, we know a grandpa that liked collecting Santas. Santas of all types. But, you probably wouldn’t buy a Santa for a summer birthday gift.

Well, suppose you could, but it’s more fitting at Christmas. You get where we’re going with this.

Unique gifts for jolly ole Christmas grandpa

On the tune of Christmas gifts, there are quite a few holiday-themed gifts (and gift sets) you can give for the grandpas that love getting into the spirit, such as:

  • Christmas decorations (specifically collector’s items, such as unique Santas found at specialty shops)
  • Christmas village houses (especially if he’s crafty)
  • Photo ornaments
  • A special Christmas blend of their favorite liquor
  • A German cookie box (they’re hand-painted and make for great photo storage once he’s eaten all the treats)

Sentimental gifts for Grandpa’s birthday

Grandparents love handmade and thoughtful gifts from grandkids. It’s just the way of things. Gifting them something you’ve made by hand will warm his heart, especially if you’ve put some thought into it and tied it to one of their passions or memories.

For that reason, some of these sentimental gifts might be perfect for grandpa’s birthday:

  • A record book of memories, so they can reminisce (maybe place one memory in an envelope for each month for a gift that gives throughout the year)
  • A digital picture frame that displays a slideshow of their favorite pictures
  • A personalized keepsake box
  • Engraved stainless-steel watch
  • Personalized garden stones
  • Personalized calendar
  • Personalized keychain

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♬ Paper Birds (3 min) – Jordan Halpern Schwartz

Father’s Day gifts for the world’s best pop-pop

Most Father’s Day gifts are the “world’s best dad” mugs, t-shirts, ties, moccasins, and socks… I think they’ve had enough of that.

This is a great occasion to think about their hobbies.

For instance, if your grandpa likes to garden or work in the yard, consider a personalized sundial or bird bath. If you want to go overboard, you might even toss in a koi pond (too much?… maybe just a new plant).

If they’re into building things, maybe they’ve been eyeing a new tool. Or, they have been talking about replacing a new tool for a while, and just haven’t gotten around to it (golden opportunity for you).

This holiday can be a bit of a gift cop-out, but it can be a great time for creative gifts that show you really pay attention to them.

What to Buy a Grandpa Who Has It All?

Some grandpas just have it all. They’ve lived a long life, toiled and maneuvered, struggled, and prospered until they got to where they are today- with everything they need or want.

For some, that means they have a lot of material possessions– a pool, a nice car, a massager, or a game room full of their favorite toys. If they’re the hobby type, they may even have a closet or room full of all the crafts they’ve tried throughout the years (or they’re scattered throughout the house).

For others, having it all means having a healthy, happy family, a stable home, good food, and a comfortable place to sit.

Gift-giving for either type isn’t exactly easy, but here are a few ideas.

Your grandpa should have this ❤️


Give grandpa the gift of home automation.

Check out these inspired ideas.


Their eyes get tired easily or struggle to focus on the small scripts of most books, yet they have a passion for reading and stories. Or, they just like a good book to pass the time between your visits.

Audiobooks are great gifts, and provide them with the same pleasure of a good story, without the strain on their eyes.

If you get them an educational audiobook, it’s a great way to keep their mind churning and growing well into retirement.

Picture frame

A picture frame might sound like a simple gift anyone can give, but it can be a rather unique gift if you personalize it or make one from scratch.

If you’re feeling crafty, find a few sticks in the yard, sand them down, stain and seal them, and form them into a picture frame with a favorite memory between the sticks. It’ll be one of the most cherished frames in his house.

There’s just something special about homemade gifts.

Not that crafty?

There are dozens of sites that make it easy to create your own magazines, picture books with text to recount memories, and picture frames with customized details such as names, birthdates, and fun icons like dog paws or baby hand prints.

But even if you can’t customize a picture frame, you can purchase a digital frame that shows several different pictures in a slideshow.

Or just a regular ‘ole picture frame with a memory you always want to remember.

Book of Grandpa’s life story

When your grandpa was born during WWII, grew up with eleven siblings, sold ice cream on the corner of their street before they were in middle school, and met their wife in the middle of another war… well, wouldn’t that make a heck of a book?

Everyone has a story to tell, and for some reason, grandpas always seem to have lived the craziest lives of them all.

Documenting that life to share with the whole family, and with your children and theirs and so on, is a special gift for everyone in the family.

There are several ways to do this too:

  • If you have a writing talent, you might consider sitting with your grandpa over several sessions, interviewing him until you have enough material to write a full book.
  • Create a picture book, or scrapbook online, telling the story behind each photo in the book.
  • Tape-record sessions of your grandpa talking about his life, and turn them into an audiobook.
  • Use a prompt book– a book with several prompts used to draw out important memories to record in a keepsake book.

This is probably one of the best gift ideas for grandpa, as it provides a way for you or your children to connect with an honored member of your family and preserve a legacy.

Conversation Starting Kit

The older you get, the more you understand how much of a luxury time with your loved ones is.

Getting to know their history… their mark on society… their romance… well, it’s one of the best ways to spend that time.

It’s also one of the oldest forms of entertainment.

But getting the conversation started isn’t always easy. Believe me, some of us have tried.

The conversation goes like this:

“I’d love for you to tell me a bit about your childhood…”

And they’d say, “well, there’s really not that much to say…”

A conversation starter kit sets the demand. They go into it knowing they’re going to speak about their life.

The prompts in a starter kit just bring out the specifics.

Education and classes

Have a grandfather that likes to stay busy in retirement, keeps his brain sharp and his body active? Is he looking to make new friends?

Some just crave learning new things, and admittedly, we all want our grandparents to get out there a bit and stay social.

This may mean joining a local class at a university, or a trade class, such as:

  • Glass blowing
  • Pottery making
  • Woodworking
  • Knitting
  • Dancing
  • Painting

Thousands of high-quality online masterclasses can either keep his mind active, help him develop new skills, or best of all– give him something fun to do.

Some of these classes are geared specifically toward the older generation too. For instance, there is a master gardeners society across the United States, largely hosted out of universities. They do volunteer work with local school children, maintain a community garden, visit their local greenhouses regularly, and host seminars on different plants monthly.

Beyond the classroom, many of the students like to get together for lunches, create their yearly programs, exchange flowers (even hosting a flower sale), and spend time perusing each others’ gardens.

What Do You Get a Grandpa Who is Difficult to Shop For?

If grandpa is the type of guy that already has it all, or who doesn’t want much (or is maybe the type to not wait around for someone to get something he’s been eyeing for a while), he may be a bit of a challenge to buy for.

Not to mention there are other family members (in-laws) likely paying attention to what grandpa wants. You don’t want to double-gift.

You might try one of the following…

Robot Vacuum

We know, we know, technology. Grandpa might not be completely adept, but hear us out. You only have to set it up once (you can set it up for them too), updates are automatic, and it’ll make his life easier.

He won’t have to bend to scoop dirt into a dustpan, rake a broom over floors day in and day out, or worry about the cookie crumbs that have made their way under low surfaces (like his favorite chair).

His robot vacuum will also adapt to their lifestyle, cleaning their favorite areas more frequently, during times they prefer.

(Bonus: some people feel like their Roomba® robot vacuum is a pet, since it roams around the house munching on food and dirt, follows you around or finds its own path, and can even seem to have its own personality)

Save Grandpa from manual labor.

Let the Roomba Combo™ j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop do the cleaning for him.

Personalizing his robot vacuum

If he already has a robot vacuum, or you’re getting one this holiday season, you might consider adding a little bit of their personality to it with a vinyl decal.

Essentially it’s like painting your Roomba® robot vacuum, while also protecting it from bumps and scratches. The decals are easy to put on and take off as well, so they’re very grandpa friendly.

For this gift, we recommend Skinit.

Try a funny gift (gramps doesn’t know he needs this!)

Dad jokes may be a national treasure, but granddad jokes are, well, the father of them all. We all know that grandpa that’ll turn just about everything into a joke. Maybe they’re not always funny, but he certainly thinks they are (and that’s what counts).

So what do you get for the constant goofer?

Well, there are the typical gag gifts- toxic waste toilet paper, funky ties, and a million-dollar bill.

But gag gifts are only good for that initial laugh.

What you want is practical funny or something that suits their humor but matches a hobby or interest.

For fun and entertainment:

  • Cards against humanity
  • The Clearly Impossible Puzzle (which is a clear puzzle… For those puzzle lovers, while also being a bit of a gag)

Funny, but practical gifts for grandfathers:

  • Pirate wine opener
  • Motion sensor toilet nightlight
  • Funny-themed wine stopper
  • A blanket that looks like a burrito

If you have a grandfather with a sense of humor, he’ll likely enjoy any type of gag gift. But if you can combine practicality with funny, you’ll win over the laughter of your dear grandpops.


These days, magazines aren’t the only thing you can subscribe to. Take your pick:

  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • Popcorn
  • Snack boxes
  • Shaving kits
  • Self-care kits
  • Meal kits
  • Alcohol
  • Flowers
  • Meats and cheeses
  • Chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Hot sauce
  • Home Decor
  • Games
  • Regular groceries
  • Tea
  • Books

Heck, there are even subscriptions for olive oil.

Subscriptions are the perfect gift because they just keep giving every month, and you can get specialty treats that aren’t available at the local grocery store (this is especially nice if they have a sweet tooth).

It’s also an incredibly convenient and practical gift. If they’re having trouble getting to the grocery store or cooking healthy meals for themselves, this is one way to ensure they’re still well-fed without so much hassle.

DIY gifts made by the grandkids

As fun as it is to buy gag gifts and tools that help to make your grandpa’s life easier (like a robot vacuum cleaner), grandparents hold handmade gifts closer to their hearts.

The level of sophistication of these handmade gifts will, of course, vary by the age of your children (or you), but here are a few ideas:

  • Clay cast hand prints
  • Handmade Christmas ornaments
  • Hand-painted planters
  • Hand decorated plates
  • Knitted blanket, scarf, or hat
  • DIY hand lotion or salve
  • Picture frames of just about any material

Picture frames and picture boxes are one of the most common handmade gifts and for good reason. They’re incredibly simple to make for children of all ages, they’re fun to create (especially with paint and clay), and they’re always cherished items for grandparents.

Most people like to add a picture of a fun time they’ve had with their grandpa, so they can hang it immediately in their home. But another idea is to keep the frame empty and give grandpa another gift– time with their grandchild.

The prospect of time to make another memory with you (or your children) is a good gift in anyone’s book.

Personalized gifts

Thanks to a wealth of personalization sites that make it easy to turn any ordinary object (like a towel or t-shirt, or the infamous grandpa mug) into a personalized gift, there are an infinite number of gift options in this category.

Here are a few grandpas might like:

  • Personalized army surplus box
  • Engraved measuring tape or hammer
  • Personalized key chain
  • Signs for their workshop
  • Picture etched whiskey glasses
  • T-shirts and ball cap
  • Grill tools
  • Toiletry kit
  • Golf clubs
  • Personalized cutting board (for the real cooks)
  • Leather wallet

Of course, think about his hobbies to help you select something, but get a little creative here. A lot of these sites have objects you can select and they’ll add your choice of text, but that isn’t the limit.

You can just as easily get a treasured object personalized. Say, for example, your grandpa has a favorite fishing reel– you can create a custom sleeve for the handle with something personalized. Or get the handle itself personalized.

Golf balls

Grandpa might have a lot of time available to him in retirement, but he still likes to remain healthy and fit, and get outdoors with some pals once in a while. Golf tends to fit the bill (and if they live in Florida or the like, they’ll likely even have a golf course within their gated community).

You can keep him active and on the course with some new clubs, or a ton of personalized golf balls (so he’ll always know which are his out on the course).

Personal weather station

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a personalized gift, but it is personal to their area. A personalized weather station is generally great for those microclimate areas, where the weather varies a lot by area (this happens a lot if you live near a lake or mountains).

It’s also great for those grandparents that live outside of the city and in more rural areas, where the weather isn’t fully reported.

Plus, come on, we all know that parent or grandparent that will keep the weather station on all day long… and actually listen to it.

Personal cookbook

Grandpas aren’t always exactly known for being the chefs of the household (especially among the older generations), but there are a few out there that turn cooking into a hobby (or at least grilling).

Or, maybe they’re still clueless about what to do in the kitchen.

Either way, a cookbook might be the perfect gift (it’s often better organized than the old tin full of handwritten recipe cards hidden in the pantry).

Okay, anyone can give a cookbook. But you can make this a very touching and personal gift by creating a cookbook of your grandpa’s favorite recipes.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Recipes his wife makes or used to make him
  • Recipes he likes to make himself
  • Recipes from his favorite restaurants
  • Recipes from home (if he was born and raised elsewhere, and has cultural favorites)
  • Recipes from his favorite country (maybe he constantly talks about a place he used to live or travel to regularly)

The Perfect Gift to Your Grandad is From The Heart

No matter what you get grandpa, the perfect gift is always straight from the heart. As long as you take the time to think of your grandpa for any holiday or birthday, he’ll be charmed.

If you didn’t find a gift idea in this article, or by thinking about your grandfather’s hobbies and personality, consider getting him something that will make his life easier.

They want to maintain as much independence as possible (and you want that for them too) and making their life easier or more comfortable can help do that.

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