Fun, Quirky and Practical Cat Dad Gifts For Any Budget

Does your man love cats? Trying to find the perfect gift for that special cat dad in your life? One that will say, “You’re the best cat dad ever”? How about one for your dad (who really didn’t want the cat, but now they’re best friends and take selfies daily)?

Maybe you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gift ideas for a cat-loving friend, or a treat for yourself (or cat?)… no matter the situation, we’ve pulled a few strings and found all the best ideas for cat dad gifts.

There’s a little something for every type of cat dad, and for every budget. We bet you’ll even find a less than obvious and more technologically savvy gift for cat dads, below. (Don’t worry, cat moms. We found some unisex ideas for cat ladies, too.) Read on.

Low Budget & Quirky Cat Dad Gifts

All the best dads have funky socks, underwear, ties, and mugs, so why shouldn’t a cat daddy?

Seriously though, you don’t have to go crazy when it comes to trying to find a gift for your favorite crazy cat parent. You can do something incredibly simple, classic, and even fun.

Some men aren’t super fans of showing just how much they love their cats with a funky tie, but there are plenty of fun and open cat dad’s that’d love a “yoda best cat dad” mug gift (and then there are the gag gifts you just can’t resist- like funny cat dad underwear).

If you have someone in mind, and you can’t resist saying “I love you” with something full of cats and extra expressive, then these are the best gifts to checkout.

medium-haired cat next to dad

Cat T-Shirt

A good bulk of the male population have a wardrobe entirely made of t-shirts. If you or your cat daddy friend or loved one is among them, a “best dad ever t-shirt” may fit the bill.

All we kept thinking about is those really retro knitted wool sweater vests with the big black cat head on the front, until we started searching and realized that the world has moved on from that phase.

Cat dads no longer have to look like “that dad.” Take it from the PURRVANA t-shirts we spotted.

There’s plenty of other unique gifts out there too, especially since there are a lot of individually owned e-commerce shops that create really interesting graphics and custom cat tees these days.

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Cat Dad Hoodie

If you’re going to get the t-shirt, you may as well get the hoodie too. That way, you can express your love for your cats in both the summer and winter.

Since graphics are interchangeable, you’ll find that some of the graphics available for cat dad t-shirts are also available on hoodies, as well as mugs and other random household items like mousepads.

cat next to window

Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t want to be reminded how much they love their cats every morning when they drink their morning brew?

Honestly, the cat dad mugs out there go far beyond the cutesy handprint (pawprint) and “Best Dad Ever” labels they used to slap on our coffee chalices.

Now you’ll see “Best dad in the galaxy” mugs (went real far from cutesy, there), and “Happy Father’s Day, human servant, from your tiny furry overlord” (pushing the boundaries now).

Beer Glass

While you can print nearly anything on a mug or beer stein these days, there are some designs that just… take the milk and cat biscuits.

The fun thing too is that there are so many styles of glasses to choose from- including giant liter steins and simple beer can-sized glasses.

There’s also the choice between a design-printed glass or an engraved on, and as mentioned, the style choices are endless.

black cat on tree

Cat Trees

You’ve probably seen every odd combination of cat tree by now, right?

Well, did you know that there are cat trees that look like an actual tree (but doesn’t smell like one, unfortunately)?

It hides the platforms with faux leaves, and gives your cats a chance to live their dreams of running free in the wild and towering over their kingdom from branches high above the earth.

The fun thing for you is that it’s a little more tasteful in your apartment, since it looks a little more like a decoration rather than the one thing standing between your cat and destroyed furniture.

Of course, you can always opt for the average carpet covered cat tower with a perch. The cat dad in your life is sure to appreciate it.

Cute Cat Ties Ties

While many of us aren’t visiting the office as much as we used to (or at all), some still find the occasion to put on a suit and tie- for a wedding, an interview, a video call in which you’re still trying to show you’re a professional (at least from the waist up).

If you know someone that fits the “that dad” profile- with the funky socks and expressive mugs- then a tie would be the perfect accessory to their personality (and love for their pet).

cat with toy


Catnip might not seem like a gift, but if you love your pet as much as we think you do, or if someone you know does (why else would you be here), then you must know the joy of catnip.

Seeing your little fur baby roll around in a pile of the dried herbs (or a live plant, if you can manage), purring and flopping, is just darn cute. It’s even better when they’re flopping around with a toy fish or pizza stuffed with catnip.

Not to mention your cats will probably want to cuddle and chill for a while after their helping.

Mid-Budget, Tech-Related Cat Gifts

We’re all for personalized cat daddy gifts like mugs and t-shirts – customized with the cat name – but there just comes a point when you want something… more.

You want the gifts to double as a solution, or offer a little bit of entertainment beyond a quick chuckle.

Well, the good news is, we have a few ideas about tech that would make a great gift for real men (or any cat owner) who just loves cats.

cat looking at phone

Automatic Cat Toys

It may seem a little unfair to get a gift for a cat when you’re buying a “cat dad gift”, but trust us, some of these are gifts for you too.

Cats may sleep a lot, but they can actually sleep too much. If they do, it’s a sign that they’re bored or even depressed. None of us want that.

But knowing that doesn’t always mean anything if you can’t do anything about it. You can’t do anything about it if you’re at work long hours during the day and busy with household chores, cooking, hobbies, and children when you come home.

Do yourself, and your cat(s) a favor and get an automated cat toy that can keep them busy and entertained whether you’re home or away.

Some of the most entertaining automated cat toys for cats are the lasers and mice.

We’ve all had one or two laser pointers to roll around the house and up the walls for our cats to chase, but it’s not always possible to have that time to play. But there are several automated lasers to take over that job when you don’t have time or if you’re away.

Same with the mice. If you don’t have a stuffed mouse in your home, are you even a cat owner?

Well, sometimes cats get a little bored of the stuffed mice, especially when they’re older cats. They just don’t find it as exciting when they have to do all the pushing around. An automated mouse can replicate the excitement of a natural chase.

Automated Cat Feeder

Honestly, anything that we can automate, we love. It’s just so convenient to be able to tap a button on your phone or computer, or set a schedule, and just… let the tech do the work for you.

If you’re anything like us, then you’d probably love an automated cat feeder.

Some of the more expensive feeders sync with a phone on your app, so you can either set a schedule and portion size for feeding or tricker real-time feedings from your phone while you’re away.

Others simply have an LCD screen on the device that allows you to set a time for regular feeding.

It’s helpful if you’re trying to put your kitty on a diet because they’re a bit too much of a fluff ball, or if you’ve just always regulated how much your cat eats (so diligent) and want to save a little time.

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cat traveling with dad

Portable Travel Pet-Carrier

Okay, so, not a tech solution, but it is a middle of the rung, truly cat people gift.

If your loved one’s pet is attached to their hip, or simply their BFF that they like to take on adventures- a pet carrier is perfect.

Most pet carriers have a little window and lots of vents, while others even have a zipper with extra mesh so you can create a much larger space for the cat if they were set on the ground (maybe for a picnic?).

We can’t tell you how nice it is to have a decent pet carrier for plane and road trips. Just giving them that security and space of their own can help them feel a little more comfortable while surrounded by new things.

Water Fountain Bowl

Cats love fresh water so much they’ll completely ignore the bowl of water next to their in favor of the toilet bowl.

For cat dad’s this means remembering to leave the toilet seat up so their kitty doesn’t get dehydrated. It may even mean sitting by the faucet and waiting for the cat to finish drinking so they can finish brushing their teeth and turn off the water.

An automated bowl means less worry for your cat dad. Less of them accidentally sitting on their cat at night because the cat’s in the toilet while they’re trying to use it. Less listening to the cat whine for water when they already have a bowl.

Premium Gifts & Keeping The Home Clean

If you’re willing to spend the big bucks on gifts for cat lovers in your life (or yourself), you’ll find that some of the absolute best gifts revolve around keeping your home clean.

Lucky for you, we’re experts in that arena. But we’re not just going to focus on us. Here are some of the best cat dad gifts that just so happen to add a little tech to your life.

Pet Camera

Does your cat daddy go on vacation or travel a lot and worry about their pets? Have you heard them talking about all the times they come home to a destroyed house and wish they could keep an eye on them? Are they leaving their pets with a cat sitter and aren’t really sure if they trust them?

A pet camera gives them sound mind and soul, allowing them to check in on their beloved cat(s) from anywhere with Wi-Fi  service around the world.

There are even a few pet cameras that will let them interact with their cat, and even feed them a little treat with the push of a digital button.

cat in a litter box

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

No one likes cleaning litter. It’s just not something that fits anybody’s idea of a good time. We’ve actually known a few cat dads to start gagging at the mere proximity of their hands to their cat’s feces.

The only way to stop scooping the cat litter by hand is to automate it. The best way to do that is with a self-cleaning litter box.

Once they’ve had a self-cleaning litter box, they’ll never go back to manual cleaning again. It’s just the prime way to live- and they’ll be singing your praises for gifting it to them.

Portable Carpet Cleaner

Every sick kitty just happens to get sick in the wrong places – your blankets, couches and chairs, carpets, and rugs.

Blankets may be simple enough to wash, but everything else most certainly isn’t. The only way to get rid of the stains is with a carpet and upholstery cleaner.

Can’t tell you how many times a portable spot and stain carpet cleaner has saved our rugs. Oh, and a little secret, it’s really satisfying to see how much dirt and cat hair you’ve lifted from your carpet.

Jute rugs are one of the trickiest to clean.

Check out our blog to learn what to do if your cat makes a mess on your pretty jute rug:

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A Roomba® Robot Vacuum

We’ve all known those cat dads that consistently have pet hair all over them and their cars (even cats that “don’t shed” shed a little), or that obsessively vacuum and use the lint rollers over their clothes.

If you do, then a Roomba® robot vacuum is the ultimate cat dad gift. Not only will it continuously pick up pet hair without them lifting a finger, but it’ll eliminate the hassle of cleaning their floors altogether.

We designed the Roomba® robot vacuum to get into all of those hard-to-reach and out of sight places such as under your couch, bed, or TV stand- basically all the places where pet dander can really build up.

A Roomba® robot vacuum will not only do the work for you, but it’ll work around your schedule, adjust to different cleaning depths and get to know your routine.

Whether your cat dad friend has a long or medium-haired cat (or cats), help him cross vacuuming off his list for good, and keep his home free of pet hair without sacrificing any fun stuff in his life, with Roomba® robot vacuums.

cat in a box

Spend less time cleaning. And more time with your fur child.

Take cleaning floors off your to-do list. So you can focus on those who matter most.

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