21 Pet Hair Remover Tools That Work Like Magic

It’s in your carpet and rugs, your bedding, on your clothes, in your upholstery, and stuffed under your couch… Frankly, your pet’s hair is probably everywhere in your house.

Maybe that fuzz is causing some allergies. Or, maybe it’s just plain annoying. Like all pet owners (pet parents, really. We see you dog moms.), you want a clean house free of messes, and it seems impossible to clean up all that pet hair.

Well, don’t fret. There are a lot of great pet hair remover tools out there. Here is a breakdown of the best types of pet hair removal tools based on the areas they work best in.

How do I get all the pet hair out of my house?

We’ve seen a few suggestions for getting rid of pet hair from your entire house, including turning the vacuum on your pet and sucking up the loose pet hair from the source (we wouldn’t recommend this).

Other fun suggestions we’ve heard:

  • Using a lint roller on your pet
  • Using a piece of sticky tape to get rid of pet hair all over your house
  • Give your pets designated areas of the house to stay in
  • Use window squeegees

Shedding Solution

You really don’t have to do any of these things to get rid of pet hair around your house. Instead, you can use gadgets like:

  • Use an air purifier
  • A robot vacuum with a self-cleaning base
  • Your washer and dryer
  • A pet hair remover brush for your carpet and upholstery
  • A hair removal brush
  • Pet hair shampoo and conditioner for hair and dander control

Preventing hair from reaching your surfaces

Want to prevent hair from settling in those hard-to-reach places? An air purifier, with HEPA filtration, can remove a lot of the fur that’s still floating around in the air, but most notably the smells and pet dander that may cause an allergy flare-up.

Want to prevent it from being a problem to begin with? Consider brushing your dog (or cat, or rabbit, or any other house pet) daily to remove loose hair.

What are the best brushes for big shedders?

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with a lot of the brushes out there (and there are a lot of pet hair removal brushes out there).

brushing huskyBut these are some of the best types of products for those really big shedders:

  1. Curry Comb For Dogs
  2. Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool
  3. Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats Pet Grooming Dematting Brush
  4. Pet Grooming Gloves

Brushing your hair can help to prevent some of that hair from ending up on your floors and surfaces, but it’s likely it won’t get it all.

What is the best shampoo to help control shedding?

Another way to prevent hair from reaching every crevice in your home is to bathe your pet regularly.

This isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do with cats, and some fussy dogs, but if you have a pet that tolerates a good warm bath, there are a few really great pet shampoos:

  • DeShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo For Dogs
  • Healthy Coat Shed Control Dog Shampoo
  • Shed Control Shampoo with Aloe for Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats essentially never stop shedding. At least it seems that way, anyway.

So for everything else, we’ll list some of the best tools for each area of your home where hair typically builds up, below.

Is your fur baby shedding more than usual?

You CAN get through shedding season.


bath-at-groomerWhat is the best pet hair remover for clothes?

So you pet your cat or your dog, or they lay on you (or they like to hide on top of the boxes and behind all of your clothes in your closet). You’re coated in hair before you even walk out of the door.

The sticky rollers are usually the go-to (or a piece of tape or wet rag), but it’s not the only pet hair remover on the market.

The best tools to remove pet hair from clothes

If you’re already wearing your clothes, are already in the car, and realize you have fur on you just before you walk into the office for a meeting, or your pet just leaped out of your lap… You want an easy way to remove all the hair.

snuggly cat

Here are some of your best options:

5. Lint Roller (some come with refills)
6. Roller Pet Hair Remover
7. Pet Hair Remover Roller
8. Manual Clothes Hair Removal Razor
9. Handheld Pet Hair Removal Tool, Silicone Lint and Debris Remover

From experience, the sticky rollers are generally the easiest to work with over clothes that are already on.

But, if you’re just pulling your clothes out of the closet, the razor or silicone removers seem to work the best, though it entirely depends on the fabric.

The razor hair removers can snag on seams or silky fabric easily, but they work much better on more rugged and thick fabric than any of the other brushes.

There is another way to keep your clothes pet hair-free (at least until you get home from work). Let the washer and dryer do all the work! And keep your bedroom closet door closed until you need to enter.

What is the best way to remove pet hair in the laundry?

Frankly, your washer and dryer should do a good job at removing pet hair on their own. After a wash, you can transfer them straight to your closet and keep them there pet-free (as long as you keep your door closed).

Do that, then you just have to do a little dance around your pets in the morning before you head to work, so they don’t get any of their hair on you.

If your washer and dryer aren’t all that great at removing pet hair – or you just want to be extra precautious – then here are a few pet hair removal products you can use to boost the lifting power during a wash.

10. Pet Hair Remover for Washing Machine
11. Floating Pet Fur Catcher Filtering Hair Removal Device
12. Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets
13. Reusable Pet Hair and Lint Remover Balls

There is a caveat to relying on your washer to remove fur: when you mix water with fur, it clumps, and it can get stuck in your washer’s drain holes or your drain pumps. That can put a lot of strain on your washer and plumbing.

Because of that, you really should try to deal with pet hair before it ends up in the wash.

Pet. Hair. Everywhere!

Use this checklist to make sure you’ve cleaned every room.


cat-on-blanketYou can still use your dryer to remove hair beforehand by throwing the affected clothes in the dryer on tumble, without heat (and add a dryer sheet). Your lint trapper should pick up at least a good portion of the hair on your clothes.

Otherwise, use a pet hair roller, like one of those mentioned in the section above.

What is the best way to remove pet hair from furniture?

There are actually quite a few ways to remove pet hair from surfaces like your couch, chair cushions, bed, and other soft furnishings. We wrote a whole blog post just about how to get dog hair off your couch

Here are just a few tips:

  • Put on a rubber glove or pet grooming glove and just slide it over the surface of your couch or other upholstery
  • Use a wet vac upholstery cleaner to get in real deep and clean out the dander and pet hair
  • Use the wand and bristle extension to vacuum the couch (make sure to lift up those cushions)
  • Use any one of those fur remover brushes or tools mentioned above (in the how to get dog hair out of clothes section)

Other pet hair removal products that are great for cleaning upholstery:
fluffy cat on couch14. iRobot H1 Handheld Vacuum

15. Furniture Brush Lint Roller

Basically, anything that’ll create static or friction will aid in removing even the most clingy hair from your soft surfaces.

How to get dog hair out of carpet and stairs

You’d think that you’d be able to use the same products or techniques you’d used to remove pet hair from clothes or your couch, on the carpet. But this is just isn’t the case.

Because carpet is so thick, and hair sticks so well to thick fibers, it’s going to take a bit more to remove all of the hair.

Are your rugs covered with more than just pet hair?

Use this guide to get your rugs fully clean.


Believe it or not, that pet hair razor mentioned earlier works exceptionally well on removing hair from carpet.

We may or may not have experimented with one to see how much it would take up.

You don’t realize how much hair your cat sheds (long or even medium-haired cats included) until you really get on your hands and knees and scrape the entire thing inch by inch.

But nobody has time for that (okay, almost no one).

(If you or friends are on the lookout for another fur baby, check out our blog: Cats That Don’t Shed.)

Rubber and squeegee brooms are a good alternative – because at least you can stand while you do it.


16. Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom

The friction the rubber creates is pretty dang effective at getting up cat hair. But again, who has the time to go over their rug with a squeegee a million times to get rid of dog hair?

Another solution: suction.

dog on carpet on stairs

What is the best pet hair remover vacuum?

Now, your regular vacuum can and will take up a lot of the hair from your rugs and carpet, especially if it’s a pet hair remover vacuum:

17. Upright Swivel Pet Vacuum

roomba j7But if you don’t have time to vacuum every other day (or every day… two times a day??), or you’re just looking to automate some of your cleaning with smart products and remove fur from your floors and furniture, consider automating your cleaning with a Roomba® robot vacuum.

We may be biased, but yeah… We’re the best (ooo so humble), because we made THIS:

18. Roomba® j7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Not only will this bad boy pick up all the dog and cat hair and dirt from your hard floor and your carpet, but it also won’t roll over things like cords… and dog poop.

We’re taking floor cleaning to a whole new level with this one…. But, carry on.

girl and dog on carpet

What is the best pet hair remover for the car?

If you’ve ever taken your cat or dog to the vet, park, or on a road trip, then you KNOW how easy it is to get hair and paw prints out of your car.

Really, the best thing to do to get your car interior back to fur-free is to prevent the hair from getting into your cushions to begin with.

You can do this by brushing your pet before bringing them into the car. Or (and) put down a blanket, or purchase car pet seat covers to protect your seats from scratches, dirt, and hair.

When it comes to actually cleaning your car, there are a few great methods you can use:

  • dog pet in the car windowPut on a rubber glove, just like if you were to clean your couch, and swipe your hand over the seats and carpet floors.
  • Blow up a balloon and rub it over the surfaces of your car. It sounds a little funny, but the static will help to lift the hairs from your seats.
  • Use a lint roller, like one mentioned in the clean your clothes section.
  • If you don’t have a lint roller or lint brush, you can use tape or one of those sticky “blobs.”
  • Use an old-fashioned hair curler (the spiky ones you used to have to sleep in) and swipe them over your car seats.
  • Add a little bit of fabric softener to a spray bottle and dilute it with water. Spray the mixture over your car seats and wipe them down with a paper towel.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner. A good upholstery vacuum cleaner should do the trick in addition to pulling dirt and other grime out of your car seats. So they’ll be extra clean.
  • A squeegee, or one of those rubber brushes (also mentioned earlier in the article) as if it were a roller. It creates friction to lift up the hair.
  • A wire brush can be really helpful in lifting up the very stubborn hairs stuck in the flooring of your car. I wouldn’t recommend it for your seats though. The threads are too fine and easy to pull.

If you’re looking for a great car pet hair remover, consider some of these top tools:

19. Pet Hair Remover Made From Foamed Recycled Glass
20. Pet Hair Detailer Dog Hair Remover
21. Pet Hair Lifter Sponge

Trying to Get Rid of Pet Hair?

The only sure-fire way to eliminate all the pet hair from your life is to not have pets, but since we really don’t think that’s an option (how could we even think it?)…

Well, the prevention measures, hair removal products, and cleaning methods we’ve mentioned throughout this article should help keep your home clean and tidy.

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