How to Get Dog Hair Off Your Couch (9 Easy Ways)

We pet owners have all made that rule, or had that expectation of the rule– “no dogs on the couch.” Why? Well, too much dog hair for one! But then… wow, look at that, the dog is on the couch, wedged between your feet as you lay down watching the latest episode of the Bachelor (or, something like that. We’re projecting).

If not one dog, perhaps it’s two that showed up at your house shivering in the cold so you just had to take them in… oh, come on, we can’t be the only ones. It’s their house, too, after all!

Now, you’re likely facing the hair challenge – massive amounts of hair that continue to establish a residency on your clothes, your carpet, and your couch.

Just know, it can get better. We’ll show you how to get dog hair off of your couch effectively, without damaging the fabric (which can be easy if you use the wrong tool), and without a headache.

9 Easy Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Couch

If you haven’t yet pulled a wad of hair off of your couch… well, prepare yourself, because it’s coming. At least, if you follow these hacks and tips it is.

Rubber Gloves

The secret ingredient to efficiently getting dog hair off of your couch (and from pretty much any type of fabric or upholstered furniture) is friction.

When you rub a rubber glove– the thick gloves you’d use for cleaning– over the surface of your couch in a gentle back and forth motion, you attract the hair and can glide it away from the couch.

You will have to swipe it slightly, to pull from the back of the couch to the edge, but this is a pretty effective way to remove hair from your couch.

Just make sure that your gloved hand is clean and does not contain any remaining cleaning chemicals you wouldn’t want on your couch.

Lint Roller

Hands of woman using pet hair remover roller at home.

Lint rollers rely on sticky sheets rolled (sticky side out) onto a handle to pick up hair. It glides across all types of surfaces, can be used on all types of fabrics, and won’t damage anything…

For pet parents, it’s pretty much the holy grail of fur removal.

While it’s one of the best products, it might not work as well on certain types of fabric. Particularly couches with a thicker weave, where hair might get trapped in the grooves or if the ends of the hairs get deeply lodged in the fabric.

iRobot® H1 Handheld Vacuum

A handheld vacuum cleaner, particularly one with a brush head attachment like the iRobot® H1, can be effective at getting dog hair off of your couch. Particularly, hairs that are stuck in the upholstery itself or lodged into the crevices of the couch.

Not only is it a great gift for dog moms, but it’ll also remove dog hair you’ve pulled to the edge of the couch by any of the other methods on our list.

Easily clean up pet hair beyond the floor

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Washing Machine

No, you’re not tossing your couch in the washing machine, or taking it to the cleaners. But, if you have removable cushion covers and a ton of dog fur lodged in your cushions, it might just be easier to toss them in the wash.

Of course, this depends on the type of fabric you have and whether or not it’s machine washable (always check the tags on your cushions or check with the manufacturer of your couch.)

Washing alone won’t remove all the dog fur, though. You need to be able to put the covers in the dryer, where the hair will amass in your lint trap after the heat and friction from tumbling pull up the fur. And consider tossing in some dryer balls for a little extra impact in the tumble.

Fabric Softener

Fabric softener and dryer sheets aren’t the first things that come to mind for pet hair removal, and that’s what we like about them. They’re a bit of a secret tool, and one many people already have around the house.

Gloved hands using spray bottle and microfiber cloth to clean sofa.

Fabric softener has anti-cling/ anti-static properties that help to keep your clothes free of static electricity and wrinkles.

It’s those same properties that make dryer sheets an excellent choice for your couch as well.

If you’re using fabric softener, simply load a spray bottle with your favorite scent, and spray lightly, from a distance (so you don’t leave big drops of it on your couch) all over the surface of your couch.

Take a clean, dry microfiber cloth (or soft cloth) and wipe it over the surface of your couch.

This should remove any loose hairs.


A squeegee is something you imagine using on your glass shower doors after a shower or even your windows on a day of cleaning (at least your car windows.)

But SURPRISE, it’s a great tool to clean pet hair off of surfaces as well.

Simply drag the squeegee across your couch in a downward motion (or toward you) repeatedly to bring up the fur.

Sometimes it works better if you use it in short drags, so you go over the same spot, again and again, building up enough friction to get up a lot of dog hair quickly.

When there’s more fur on you than your dog…

Use these 7 tips to survive dog shedding season

Pumice Stone

You’re likely familiar with pumice stones if you’re a fan of treating yourself to at-home spa sessions. They’re very porous stones often used for massaging out the tough areas of your feet to soften them.

It might seem like a bad idea to use such a rough object on your sofa, but pumice is a pretty soft stone. When you use it to get dog hair off of your couch, only move it in one direction (downward or towards you).

DO NOT rub it in circles, or back and forth (or up and down). That’s the type of action that’ll rough up your upholstery.

But if you scrape in the same direction (especially when the fabric is slightly damp), it’ll pull the hair to the edge of the couch, where you can then vacuum it up or pull it away.

Other Pet Hair Remover Tools

A rubber brush– which looks pretty similar to a hairbrush- only the bristles are made of rubber– works very similarly to a rubber glove. It creates friction, which attracts the hair and dander off of the couch.

The bristles also work into the fabric a little to help pull away some of the more stubborn hairs.

Hair rake- while it sounds like it’d have long prongs, a hair rake has very short prongs that don’t stick out. They lay flushed in a tight row, which makes them incredible grabbers of those fine hairs your pet sheds.

A damp sponge– this may be the most convenient way to get dog hair off of your couch. You probably have a sponge or two laying around. Just moisten, and wipe!

Avoid Shedding With Healthy DIY Grooming

A cute English bulldog on a couch

The truth is that all dogs shed (unless they’re hairless), and some dogs shed more than others. Yes, even hypoallergenic dogs.

What we’re saying is… it’s pretty tough, if not impossible, to completely avoid shedding altogether.

That said, you can certainly minimize the amount of hair in your home (and on your couch) with some great grooming and pet health care.

(p.s… if you feel that your dog is shedding excessively – beyond what’s expected during shedding season– it may call for a trip to the vet. Excessive shedding, especially for long periods, can be a sign of chronic stress or other health conditions.)


Brushing your dog once a day, or once a week, can drastically reduce the amount of hair floating around.

Just make sure you’re using the right type of brush for your dog’s hair type.

The type of brush (and bristles) needed will depend on whether or not they have an undercoat or just a top coat, how long their hair is, and the type of hair they have.

For detangling longer hair, you’ll likely want a slicker brush or bristle brush.

For short-haired dogs with some matting in their fur, you’d likely use a shedding blade. But for long-haired dogs with the same problem (or that need de-shedding during shedding season) an undercoat rake would likely work best.

No fur on your couch, no fur on the floor.

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Golden retriever dog getting bathed in a pet grooming salon.


Most dogs love baths. Whether it’s in your tub, from a hose, or at the groomer, bathing your dog should be part of your dog’s overall hygiene routine.

They really enjoy playing in the water, and you enjoy the fresh, clean smell of your pup post soapy suds. It’s a win-win… except maybe for your flooded bathroom floor.

Bonus? It’s also one of the best ways to cut down on all the pet fur that’s trapped in their undercoat and gives you a chance to pull off all the excess in one go.

Protect Your Couch From Dog Hairs With Furniture Covers

Instead of cleaning your couch regularly to get all the pet hair off, you can prevent your couch from getting loads of fur on it in the first place.

Yeah, yeah, we know, we already mentioned the rule of “no dogs on the couch” and how no one ever follows it anyway. French Bulldog on a Couch

So, what do you do?

You can either get a furniture cover that covers your entire couch (like a slipcover), which is also really great if you have children because you’re protecting it from them too.

Or, you can train your dog to sleep on just one area of the couch, where you’ve laid out a cover (a blanket or sheet will usually do the trick.)

It sounds impossible, but dogs are pretty habitual and territorial. They like having their own spot, and they’ll likely settle into laying in one specific area of your couch regardless of coaching.

We like this second option since it means you’re not hiding your nice couch away from the world.

A robot vacuum that avoids pet accidents on purpose?

Yeah, we have one.

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Frankly, we don’t want you to hide your couch. They’re expensive after all, and we think you should enjoy the way it looks in your home. Just… without all the fur. Hopefully, now you’re equipped with enough ways to do just that.

(Worried about more than just dog hair? Here is how to clean a couch, chairs, and other upholstery without damaging the fabric.)

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