The Perfect Dog Mom Gifts for Every Occasion

We all love our mamas, but our dog moms hold a special place in our hearts, and they should see the furry end of some truly amazing dog mom gifts.

We’re not talking about the simple dog mom mug or wine glass with a little image of their big dog on it (though we do have a few great keepsake items in this list, because really, who doesn’t love adding their dog’s name and face to their everyday items).

No, this is a gift guide of all the best dog mom gifts for every occasion – chock full of great gifts for any type of dog lover.

Holiday Keepsakes For The Best Dog Mom

Well, we did say we’d throw in a few keepsakes, and that’s where we’re going to start. And yes, a holiday coffee mugwith their favorite dog breed, or a tumbler with their furry friend plastered on it does count as a keepsake.

Instead though, we want to take a little more of a… treasured approach, like the following dog mom gifts:

Keepsake box

Looking for something sentimental for Valentine’s Day? A keepsake box, especially one that’s hand-carved with an image of your favorite dog mom’s favorite doggo (maybe even her holding her dog) is great for storing beloved items like a favorite chew toy, stuffed animal, pictures, or even their collar.

dog with mom on the couchA keychain that projects their dog’s image

We’ve all seen the basic “I love my dog” keychains, but a keychain that projects an image of their dog onto the wall takes this keepsake up a notch.

For those that have recently lost a dog, or travel a lot and miss their pup while they’re away, this is a special way to keep their fur baby close to their heart.

Dog ornament

This dog mom gift is especially holiday-centered, and bringing it out every year makes it the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

What we love about holiday dog ornaments (besides how adorable they are and how many styles are available), is that you can give your favorite dog mom one throughout the years to see how their fur baby grows.

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Fur Mama‘s Birthday Gift Ideas

Okay, it’s her birthday and you can’t quite figure out what to get her. Everyone else is going in on bags, clothes, gift cards, and other things she likes.

Now you’re pondering, “What dog mom gift should I buy?”

Okay, maybe you’re using their name or some moniker like, say… mom, or wife. But we get the trouble all the same. So we’ve rounded up a few dog mom birthday gift ideas.

dog sitting on the floor with momAutomatic pet feeder

Nothing says “I love you” quite like removing a daily chore from your loved one’s to-do list. Really though, getting them an automatic pet feeder may not seem like the typical gift, but they’ll use it. You know they will.

And when they do, they’ll thank you. Home automation ideas like this are life savers. Worrying about a pet getting food when they’re not home is no longer a worry.

No more getting up from your other important tasks or family gatherings to make sure they’ve fed their furry friends either (and especially no dog bouncing around them until they’re fed).

Is automation your thing?

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dog on mom's lapSmart pet leash

A pet leash is a simple thing, right? Well, not anymore. Smart leashes can actually track your activity levels, walking distance, time, and keep track of your routes.

Some even feature safety measures like friend and family location alerts and timers, to make sure your loved one is always safe, no matter where or what time they walk.

Personalized smart mug

What dog mom couldn’t use more smart products? A smart mug is a lot like a regular mug, only it stays warm rather than dying like warmth of a setting sun in the middle of a desert (from boiling hot to freezing in seconds, it seems).

Not only does it keep beverages (cough cough coffee is life), at a consistent temperature until they’ve finished drinking, with an app, they can set that temperature to whatever they like.

If they’re an older person that doesn’t think it’s warm unless it’s boiling, or someone that likes things a little cooler for their sensitive tongue, it’ll fit their preferences.

Best of all, you can get these smart mugs customized just like any other mug. This means you can choose from nearly any image on the internet or in a camera roll to put on the mug (that’s what makes it so special).

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dog sleeping with mom and babyBest Gifts for Mother’s Day

Whether they’re a mom to a human child, or just their fur baby (or both), you want to get them a special Mother’s Day gift.

But what to get them?! Hmmm… we have a few ideas.

Treat maker

Okay, this one is really clever. It’s like a waffle maker… but for dog treats. We don’t know who thought of this, but they’re kind of a genius.

Maybe you don’t think so just yet, but pet parents might (and we double down on that remark if they’re hyper-aware of what their doggies eat).

Dog anxiety trainer

Know a dog mom with a very anxious dog (and even more so when she’s away… and maybe even more if she travels with her dog a lot… the dog is scared of thunderstorms or fireworks)?

There are these little machines that send out ultrasonic waves (that we mere mortal humans, with our weak ears, cannot hear) that are meant to calm the doggo down.

Grooming gifts for dog shedding season and pet hair removal

Pups are a woman’s best friend. But pet hair is NOT. Dog moms love their dogs to pieces but often hate their dog’s hair getting all over the place. It’s on the couch, their clothes, in their bedsheets, and piling up in their washer and dryer vents.

Give them a little relief, with pet hair remover tools such as a pet hair razor or brush.

No dog people like dog shedding!

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mom hugging dogPractical Gifts for New Dog Parents

You just found out that one of your closest friends is getting a brand new puppy, or maybe they already rescued them from the shelter.

It’s a celebration! Until they realize just what they’ve gotten themselves into. Maybe they didn’t have the right tools to make this new transition easy on themselves. Maybe they could use a few tools to keep their home a little cleaner.

Whatever the intention or need, we’ve found a few dog mom gift ideas that might be helpful.

DNA Test

Wouldn’t the dog mom in your life love to know what breeds are in Fido’s bloodline? Dog DNA tests offer dog parents insightful reports about lineage, personality traits and even health.

Is she wondering why her adopted pup is such a wild one chasing squirrels when she thought he was going to be a chill breed? This can help them both learn how he can best mind his manners (and much more).

Just like human DNA tests, it’s a simple swab saliva that is mailed to and analyzed at a lab. Then it’s compared to the the rest of the DNA in the data bank. Simple and insightful.

For The Home

One of the biggest hassles of owning a new puppy is keeping your home clean. Luckily, there are solutions that make life cleaner and easier in more ways than one.

Potty training doorbell

This may seem a little unlikely. You’re already trying to train them to only go pee outside, and now you have to train them to use a doorbell too.

But this potty training doorbell – which they’d ring to tell their dog mama they need to go out and do their thang – is so easy to use they’ll get the hang of it in just a few tries. It’s a lot easier than training their bladder by guessing when they need to go out.

New dog owners are only now becoming familiar with the wild messes of dog food, dirt, and torn up chew toys (and sometimes pillows and socks).

Gift them a Roomba® robot vacuum, and they’ll never have to get too familiar with the mess. It’ll not only clean up after their doggies, but their it’ll suck up every other mess that meets their floors.

Even better, certain Roomba® robot vacuums learn patterns, schedules, zones to avoid, and areas of the house that need a little more attention and customizes its cleaning path.

This means a cleaner home where it counts, and a gift that keeps on giving.

Braava® robot mop

When those puppy messes aren’t from dirt, but from mud; when they’re struggling to train their puppy to pee outside rather than in, they’ll need a Braava® robot mop.

Not only will it mop their floors and consistently leave their floors nice and fresh without lifting a finger, but Braava jet® m6 robot mop will work around their schedule and focus on the rooms and areas that see messes the most often.

Not sure which robot floor cleaner will do the trick?

Take this quiz to find out which product is best for you or your dog mom.

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child petting dog with momFor Travel

It can be difficult to bring a dog on a trip and ensure they have all they (and you) need to be comfortable, fed, and watered. These gadgets and dog mom gifts help make the experience just a little better, whether you’re going to the dog park or across the country.

Dog seat cover

Dogs are fluffy and hairy, that’s what makes them so perfect for a cuddle. But, it also means that they shed… a lot. It’ll likely all over your favorite dog mommy’s clothes, carpet, and car when they travel.

A dog seat cover can help keep some of that fluff away, as well as scratches from their thick claws and slobber from their cute, floppy mouths.

Dog mug

This isn’t your typical “dog mug” (one for a human, that is). It’s actually a bottle with a bowl-like top that the bottle fills for a pup to drink out of.

There are several variations of this design, but it does the same thing each time: make sure fur babies stay hydrated wherever they travel to.

dog mom and pup enjoying walkPet travel tote

You’ve probably seen all manner of pet travel totes (and the cute little puppies riding in them with their personalized bandanas around their necks).

Well, those aren’t the only type of travel totes you can get for your favorite dog mom. If they like to travel long term, or have certain medical devices or medications to bring along, there are dog travel totes with enough storage for their dog bowls, water, medications, and so much more.

Dog GPS tracker

While a GPS tracker on a dog collar can provide some much needed security for those pet owners with dogs that like to run away, it’s just as much of a comfort for those that travel a lot.

If your loved one is on the road with their dog a lot, traveling, hiking, adventuring, it’s always nice to have that added layer of safety and security in case they get lost.

Just Because! Personalized Dog Mom Gifts

There doesn’t need to be a holiday or birthday happening to want to spoil your favorite dog mom with a unique gift.

While tech and some of the other gifts on this list are great for keeping homes and cars clean and making pet ownership even more enjoyable (if not just a little easier), these gifts are special because they’re a little more personal.

Dog mom shirt (or hoodie)

Most of us wear t-shirts for the things we like and love – concerts, bands, our favorite child’s face – so why not a t-shirt that represents the love for pets (dogs… dogs or bust).

There are some really cute ones out there, but the most special ones are those that are personalized. You could do this with an image of their beloved dog, or those doggo’s name, but there is a world of personalized pet design variations to choose from (or you could design it yourself if you’re crafty).

Custom pet portraits

There are a lot of ways to get a custom dog portrait. Take a high-quality picture (or use an older one) and send it to someone to turn into a graphic, or to paint the image on thick canvas.

No matter how you do it, your favorite pet mama is bound to love how you’ve captured the voluminous glow of their baby’s fur and their hidden but so clearly there smile (it’s behind all the teeth and slobber).

dog hiking with momPaw print cast

Just like a mother that cast their baby’s feet and hand prints just after they’re born, a fur baby mama might covet a cast of their dog’s paw prints.

There are several kits that you can order for them to do the cast themselves, or you can DIY the cast to capture their dog’s paw print in the moment. Some of the kits actually include a shadowbox picture frame to store the foot print alongside a picture of their dog.

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dog licking momFor The Pet Lover’s Pooch

Sometimes, getting a gift for your favorite dog mom’s doggo is far more enjoyable for that mama.

It’s like the mom that continues to buy her baby clothes and shoes while she wears the same thing she’s been wearing for the last five years (sometimes you just can’t help it, baby clothes are just so cute).

They love their dog, which means they’re more likely to search for and plan to buy pet gifts for their dogs, which means these items make just as much sense as dog mom gifts. Even better, some of the gift ideas we’ve wrangled together are just as much fun for their owner as for the dog.

Dog Toys

Dog toys are always a fun treat for the dog mama and for the pet. They’ll keep the dog entertained while their mom is away at work or out running errands, and some even provide a way to watch and interact with their pet.

Ball launcherdog mom with toy

Think of an automated ball launcher. Many of them come with a camera, and some with a speaker, so their owner can soothe their dog and get them excited for a little bit of fun.

With an app on their phone, they can either schedule the ball to launch at regular times throughout the day, or they can call to their dog and fire at will.

Dog bone

Another fun dog toy is an automated bone that runs around the house so the dog can chase it. Just like the ball launchers, an app is all you need to program and control the dog bone.

Dog Treats

Every dog loves a good treat, but their owner might not always be there to give it to them. Of course, in this magical modern age of technology, we have solutions for that. We’ve rounded a few for this list of dog mom gifts.

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Pet treat camera and launcher

Just like the automated ball launcher, there are cameras that launch treats for dogs at any moment of the day – either on their owner’s command or at regular, scheduled times set via an app.

What’s fun about many of these treat cameras, is they’ll often let you aim where you shoot the treat and speak directly to the dog through a speaker. So if there’s a command your dog mama often says before giving them a treat, or they want their dog to act out a little roll on the ground before their reward, they can do so without being in their home.

Dog treat gift box or subscription boxgoogling gits for dog moms

A treat launcher is one very common way to solve the issue of not being there for a pet when they need their treat the most. But what kind of treats should their doggo get?

They deserve the best right? Do they like variety? Want to try new things (you know, some dogs like their taste buds to travel a little bit)?

In this case, a dog treat subscription or even a one-time gift box may offer the tastiest gifts for dog parents, let alone just the mamas.

dog with. braava mopGetting your dog mom the perfect gift, no matter the time of year

Our moms are special people, whether they’re dog moms or not, and they deserve the perfect pet gift.

Before you buy, try to figure out what they already have, what they need, and what they don’t realize they need.

It could be something as simple as a sentimental charm of their fur baby, or something as smart as a Roomba® robot vacuum or Braava® robot mop that’ll keep their home consistently clean and pet hair free.

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