A Printable Kitchen Cleaning Checklist You Can Stick With

Can’t seem to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule, and think a kitchen cleaning checklist will help? Trying to get the entire family in on a cleaning routine? Or are you just a master of lists?

Well, we’ve got your checklists. Not just these ones for the kitchen, but a whole house cleaning checklist with every room broken down into their own list for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cleanings.

For now, we’ll just focus on helping you develop a good cleaning routine for your kitchen.

(Our free downloadable is available to print at the bottom of this blog.)

How to develop a good cleaning routine Children Helping Parents With Household Chores In Kitchen

Of all the cleaning tips we can share, sticking to a cleaning routine is the hardest one. Lists definitely make it easier to do that, but what really matters is that you use them to create a routine… you know, habits that make cleaning not only easier, but almost out of your mind.

Yeah, ever realize there are habits you do that you don’t even think about anymore because you just… do them? Like getting up out of bed and shuffling to the coffee pot or getting ready in the morning.

That’s pretty much the desired effect here.

Here’s how to build good habits from checklists:

Checklists work well because: A) we have a lot going on in our lives and can’t remember everything; and B) it breaks down what seems like a big chore into smaller, more digestible pieces.

But to turn the list into habit, you have to follow a few steps:

  1. Cue
  2. Craving
  3. Response
  4. Reward

family cooking together in their kitchen at homeEssentially, something has to trigger the act of cleaning. Say, you work all week, finally you have the weekend off. The weekend is your cue that it’s a time to clean (maybe a quick 2 hour family clean with music in the morning so you can spend the rest of the weekend playing).

The craving is your desire to have a clean home. The response is cleaning. The reward might be going out to eat, or going to an event… Whatever the reward, you can’t get it until you clean.

Another way to establish cues that get you to clean, is to insert a cue after an old, existing habit. If the first thing you do in the morning is go to the bathroom, do your business, and shower, that could cue tasks like “tidy up the bathroom.” You’ll then put the loose towels in the laundry, clear the countertop, etc.

By integrating your existing routine with checklists and new tasks, you start to form habits. Then cleaning is less on your brain and more on autopilot.

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young woman and her dog in a kitchen at the morning

Daily kitchen cleaning checklist

There’s no faulting the kitchen (or ourselves) for being one of the dirtiest places in our homes. All that water, food, juice… and now that most of us are home all day, we’re making 3 meals in our kitchens every day, plus snacks (lots of snacks).

Even more so if your kids are home with you.

You probably already have a daily routine for cleaning, either at the end of each meal or at the end of the day (or both), but a checklist is still handy.

There might be a few things you’re missing each day that make cleaning each weekend (or whatever your cleaning day is) a real chore.

Two children and their Mother washing the dishes in the kitchen sink

Here’s your daily kitchen cleaning checklist:

  • Unload dishwasher, if needed
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean countertops
  • Sweep your kitchen floor
  • Tidy up any bits of food or dishes
  • Wash out your kitchen sink
  • Sanitize wooden cutting boards with baking soda rinse, if used

Should you mop your floors daily?

Most homes don’t need a mop every day. Once a week will do fine for most homes, and may actually be the recommendation per your floor manufacturer. braava jet m6

Always consider the type of flooring you’re mopping, since your vinyl or linoleum floors may not hold up as well as tile or other hardwood floors.

High traffic areas could potentially use a daily mop, or maybe every other day, but this depends entirely on your home and all the things that happen in it (muddy feet? snow? big dogs? kids eating on the go?).

In those cases, something like a Braava jet® m6 robot mop can really shave off some cleaning time and keep those floors sparkling.

(Check out our blog posts to learn how best to clean your bathroom floors:

Weekly kitchen cleaning checklist

Believe it or not, your weekly kitchen cleaning checklist doesn’t have to be all that extensive.

But, it does give you a chance to go beyond the daily surface cleaning to get those finer things (like the crumbs under the toaster).

Sticking to a weekly cleaning routine also means you’re less likely to forget what’s in your fridge, and you won’t have to get used to (or start to wonder about) the strange taste of your coffee.

Here’s what should be on your weekly kitchen cleaning checklist: Cleaning a gas stove

  • Clean your fridge (best to do before grocery shopping)
  • Disinfect countertops and faucets
  • Wipe down you backsplash and vent hoods
  • Throw away any old leftovers
  • Move everything off your kitchen counters for a good wipe down
  • Wipe out the splatters from your microwave
  • Toss out that filthy sponge in the sink
  • Mop floors (if you have hardwoods, here’s the best hardwood floor cleaner)
  • Refill your soap dispenser
  • Wash dish towels and aprons
  • Clean the outside of your appliances (especially the cracks alongside them – looking at you stovetop meets counter)
  • Take out the trash and recycling bins
  • Wipe down cabinet surfaces

What is the fastest way to clean a kitchen?

Most professional cleaners clean from the top down, for one. Meaning, they have a system that makes sure they get every surface (and it just makes sense to clean from the top down).

But you can also speed up individual cleaning tasks. Take cleaning the cabinets as an example. You don’t have to sit there with a hand rag to wipe each cabinet door (and sit on the counter while doing it).

Instead, grab a microfiber mop (as long as it’s a clean cloth head), soak with water and a cleaner such as white vinegar or dish soap (Likely your main staples in cleaning supplies when it comes to the kitchen), rinse, and simply mop your cabinets.

It sounds weird, but it’s a game changer and total time saver.

For things like the fridge, simply having things like liners can make all the difference in cleaning speed. If you can just toss them and replace, no need to pull all the drawers out to wash them in the sink.


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How to keep your fridge cleaner for longer

One of the best ways to keep your fridge cleaner for longer is to use preventative measures. We’re talkin’ organization bins, drawer liners, and the like.

child helping mom in the kitchenHere’s the full breakdown:

  • Keep all of your produce in one section of the fridge
  • Use fridge liners or smaller containers to pull out instead of the full drawer
  • Keep leftovers in one section of the fridge
  • Put meat into a bin as you’re thawing it rather than on the shelf
  • Don’t keep as much in your fridge, if it’s pushed in the back you’re likely forgetting it
  • Don’t use small food containers for leftovers, they’re more likely to be forgotten or lost

Monthly kitchen cleaning checklist

Your monthly kitchen checklist doesn’t have to be more extensive than your weekly checklist, especially if you’re not in the kitchen very often.

It also depends on your space. If you have a large kitchen, it might pay to do that extra deep clean once a month.

If you do, here’s what should be on your list:

Mother and daughter having fun with the vegetables

  • Clean the inside of your dishwasher
  • Spot clean your tile grout
  • Clean the space between your fridge and counters
  • Clean/ sanitize garbage disposal
  • Clean oven inside and out (depending on usage)
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Wipe down the toe kicks and baseboards
  • Wipe smudges from walls and cabinets
  • Clean out your trashcan
  • Organize your pantry, fridge, and/ or cabinets
  • Clean your coffee maker

Got your kitchen covered? Ready to move on to other rooms?

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How to clean your coffeemaker inside and out (and why you should)

You probably don’t think about cleaning the inside of their coffee maker very often (at all?), but you really, really should.

Many coffee machines have hose lines that pump water through them. Water through tubes = potential for mold and other bacteria over time. That’s just the way of things.

Not only that, but it’s coffee. Coffee smells absolutely incredible in its first brew, but it doesn’t smell so great when it’s stale and cold. It’ll also affect the taste of your coffee, and we can’t have that…

couple in the kitchenEach coffee maker is different, so check your manufacturer’s recommendations, but here are some general steps to keep in mind:

    1. Empty your machine of both water and coffee grounds
    2. If you have a reusable filter, either sanitize this in hot water with vinegar or run it through the dishwasher
    3. Add hot water to the water tank with a bit of vinegar

Yearly deep cleaning kitchen checklist

Yearly cleaning isn’t something easily worked into a “routine,” which is when your checklist is exceptionally handy.

You might’ve thought you’ve cleaned everything in those monthly deep cleans, but there’s plenty more to get into.

Here’s the list:

  1. Run several cycles of this mixture through the machine until the water is no longer discolored
  2. Run any parts you can through the dishwasher (such as the pot)

Some machines may break apart further so you can wash them, but in general, a few clear runs without coffee will really make a difference.

The best way to clean your oven

dad watching daughter taking muffins

We have a whole blog post dedicated to the best oven cleaning hacks. But the best way to clean your oven is to make sure it doesn’t get dirty in the first place, using aluminum foil to cover the grates and the bottom of the oven.

But, say you didn’t do that… Definitely look into your manufacturer’s recommendations, but generally, the best way to clean your oven is to create a paste with baking soda and vinegar. Let the paste sit for a few hours and scrub off with an abrasive scrubber such as steel wool or a coconut scrubber.

For really thick messes, use a wood scraper (like those you’d use on a cast iron) or a glass/ ceramic scraper (similar to a window scraper) to get up the thick clumps first.

Of course, all ovens are a bit different, so check with your manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. They’ll typically recommend safe cleaning methods for your type of oven.

girl cleaning oven

How to clean your microwave fast & easy

You don’t have to spray your microwave with chemicals to get it sparkling clean and smelling nice.

  1. Place a bowl of water with a squeezed lemon into the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  2. Either spray in vinegar or use a damp rag with a mix of hot water and vinegar to wipe out the grime and gunk

Yup, that’s it. It’ll smell neutral and clean after that simple wipe.

Yearly deep cleaning kitchen checklist

Yearly cleaning isn’t something easily worked into a “routine,” which is when your checklist is exceptionally handy.

You might’ve thought you’ve cleaned everything in those monthly deep cleans, but there’s plenty more to get into.

Here’s the list:

  • Clean refrigerator coils, as well as underneath and behind your fridge (just make sure to unplug first)Woman Cleaning Refrigerator
  • Repair any crooked cabinets or drawers
  • Toss out and replace any cookware you don’t use or that is damaged/ rusting
  • Vacuum crumbs out of drawers
  • Wipe the interior of your cabinets
  • Replace or wipe down cabinet liners (if you have ‘em)
  • Seal your hardwood/ tile floors
  • Clean the tops of cabinets (if they don’t reach the ceiling)
  • Remove grease buildup exposed decorations or dishes
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Cleaning your dishwasher filter
  • Fix any repairs (especially ones you haven’t been able to get to for a while)

Does your kitchen (or anywhere in your home) have hardwood? You’ll want to read this blog:

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Spring cleaning checklist (for those semi-annual deep cleans)

While most of your spring cleaning will involve a lot of the tasks already mentioned throughout this article, it’s also a time to get organized.

That means:Son helping father with the dishwasher

  • Pulling everything out of your pantry to throw away or donate unused foods and cookware, clean the shelves, and reorganize
  • Eliminating cookware you no longer need or use throughout your kitchen
  • Refreshing any decor, either with a good clean or with items that better fit your style
  • Rethinking the layout of all your cabinet items (is there a better way to organize everything?)
  • Receive cleaning notifications for your Roomba® robot vacuum by turning on your iRobot HOME app’s seasonal cleaning recommendations. We will offer personalized suggestions (such as for dog shedding season or that increase in pollen), which you can easily select to seamlessly work into a new cleanings schedule.

How to clean your dishwasher filter

You definitely don’t want to ruin your dishwasher’s warranty, and you absolutely can if you accidentally clean it improperly.

That said, the first thing you should do is check with your manufacturer on how to properly clean your specific dishwasher’s filter.

Beyond that, the steps to a good (pro-like) clean, are:

  1. Empty your dishwasher completely (including the bottom rack and cutlery basket)Hungry border collie dog
  2. Spray the frame and door with an all purpose cleaner
  3. Mix dish soap and baking soda to the gasket and frame of your dishwasher with a toothbrush or similar small brush, scrub
  4. If you have a removable filter, remove it, fill your sink with hot soapy water and let your filter soak for about an hour
  5. Scrub with a nylon brush and wipe with a paper towel
  6. Take off the spinning arm at the bottom of your dishwasher and use a brush to scrub
  7. Apply more water to the tooth brush to re-agitate the frame of your dishwasher to get off the remaining crust of baking soda, wipe up with microfiber cloth
  8. Add your bottom rack and cutlery basket back into your dishwasher
  9. Add a cup of vinegar to your top rack and run an empty cycle (you can also use baking soda or a dishwashing tablet on the bottom of your dishwasher)

Printable kitchen cleaning checklist

girl feeding her mother

Having a checklist on the internet may be handy for a quick search, but to really be effective, you need these puppies in your hands. Perhaps even laminated and hung on your fridge or some other organized space you’ll notice regularly.

We’ve got you covered. Here’s our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly kitchen cleaning checklist templates ready for download as a pdf.

kitchen cleaning checklist downloadable

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