The Best Cat Mom Gifts for the Ultimate Cat Lover

We all have that friend, covered in fur, who makes sure to turn on CatTube before they leave the house. They are skilled at speaking like a ventriloquist for their cat and regularly have full conversations with them. Maybe that “friend” is you? Okay, it’s us. We’re the cat lady.

The holidays are approaching, and you need to start thinking about the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life. We can’t have your friend or Mr. Cuddles McButtonworth feeling neglected this gift-giving season, so we’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide of what we believe are the absolute best cat mom gifts for your friend and their best cat friend (or… should we say furrriend?).

What is the best gift for a cat mom?

Is your best friend a cat lady? A cat lady is a person who is obsessively devoted to their cats. I don’t know about you, but an obsessive devotion to a pet doesn’t sound so bad. Let’s celebrate the loyal feline moms in our lives with a great gift that celebrates their cute cat/fur baby.

Personalized Cat Mom Gifts

Our favorite gifts are personalized. They are original and show how much thought went into them. After all, no personalized gift was picked up along the route to the party at the fanciest gas station you saw first.
Nope! These gifts were thought through and painstakingly planned for your dear friend. Here are our favorite personalized gifts for the cat moms and cat dads in your life.

Cat mom bracelet

Get your cat-loving friend a sterling silver custom cat mom bracelet from Etsy! There are so many varieties to choose from. No matter their aesthetic, you’ll find one that matches their personal style.

Choose from bracelets with their furry friend’s name, photo, or paw print. This jewelry will provide a lasting impression and be a new staple to their wardrobe.

You can also find a unique gift with an etching of their cute cat’s face!

Cat mama coffee mug

Let’s be real. Any true cat person is a tea drinker, but she can drink her tea from a beautiful custom coffee mug. This cat mom mug will have her cooing over her green tea.

Get a coffee mug with their cat’s face and name it, so the world knows they answer to Fanny Fuzzbottom and no one else.

Get a hilarious mug for the cat dads: Peanutbrittle Whiskerdoodle’s Dad. You choose the cat breed, add a name, and you’re done.

Need gifts for a cat dad?

We have some ideas.

Pet portrait

Your regal cat must see itself dressed up in a fancy pet portrait. Whether you go silly or traditional, the pet lover in your life will be grateful for a unique gift.

Your feline friend will burst with pride every time they see their portrait. Just joking. They’re a cat. You know they won’t care. You were lucky they allowed you to create such a masterpiece!

Cat lady wall art

Your loved ones will be thrilled to receive their unique wall art gift.

There are so many styles of wall art that you can customize. Choose a style that screams your friend’s name.

Does your friend have a sense of humor that can’t be matched? They might love a 90’s laser-style portrait.

Go minimalist with a simple, high-quality single-line art print.


Replying to @mrs.freakinforakis its a work in progress so i dont really have a whole wall yet, but it’s coming together! #thrift #thrifting #thriftedart #catart #cats #cat #vintagethrift #doloresumbridge #eclectichome #thrifttok #thriftok #whimsigoth

♬ Pass the Dutchie – Musical Youth

What Do You Get Someone Who’s a New Cat Mom?

New pet parents sometimes struggle a bit with adapting to caring for a new fur baby. With the right gift, you can help them along their journey and prepare them for a successful relationship with their feline friend.

So, what do you get the new cat lady in your life?

A new cat mama gift box

Start with the essentials and get a gift box with everything your friend might need for their new bundle of furry joy. Try a subscription box for a gift that keeps giving including toys, cat food, treats, and more. Every month, they’ll think of you when they receive their latest shipment of kitty goodies.


Cat mom gift basket. Wine glass available at (link in bio) #catmom #catgiftbox #giftbasketideas #catlover

♬ BARELY BREATHING – Grant Averill

She’ll need a solid litter box for her new fur baby

A self-cleaning litter box will be a win. Every pet parent dreads cleaning up the litter box, but the hard work is done for you when it’s self-cleaning.

You can eliminate odor, daily cleanings, and stray litter with the right litter box.

We love a robot, and a self-cleaning litter box is almost on the top of our list. Add a Roomba Combo™ j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop, and you’ve got the perfect duo to keep your home looking pristine… even with fur babies.

Chewy cat toys for their cute kitty cat

Is there anything cuter than a cat batting a cat toy or scrambling to catch a toy mouse? Not a chance! Get your cat-loving friend a basket of cat toys to brighten their day.

Entertain and exercise your pets with cat toys, so the new cat mama in your life can avoid this…

Robot vacuum

New pet parents learn quickly that they can’t avoid shedding. You can’t walk by a cat without half its fur sticking to your pants. A robot vacuum is a gift that will be used daily.

The Wi-Fi® Connected Roomba® j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is top-rated for pet owners. It is designed to avoid pet messes and self-empties and can be set on a schedule, so the home is always pet-hair free.

She may love her cats but not their dander.

The aair Lite Small Room Air Purifier removes airborne dander

Cat tree

Like wall art and pet portraits, you can also find a cat tree to fit any style. Chic cat trees and condos will blend right in with the home’s decor.

You can also go in the opposite direction and choose a cat tree that will make your cat mama laugh – like a cat tree shaped like a unicorn.

Does your new feline friend aspire to be a pilot a’la Snoopy? Try an airplane-shaped cat tree. All they need now is a tiny pilot cap.

Try These Unique Gift Ideas for The Cool Cat Moms

She’s no regular cat mom. She’s a cool cat mom.

You have to take your cat gift to the next level for the chicest of friends who know the bars with no names and the bands no one else has heard of. The cool chick can’t have what everyone else has, so try these fun cat gifts that no one else will have.

A cat door mat (Welcomeow!)

A clever doormat is a great route to go. There are so many options that you will find something that fits your loved one’s personality.

Sarcastic and dry? Try a doormat like this.

No matter their style, you will find a doormat (or lavish housing) that fits.

Kitty cat-adorned cheese board

Is your friend the host of the group? Get them a cheese board. There are so many cat-themed cheese board styles, from modern and simple to fun.

When looking for a cheese board, search for wood, bamboo, or marble. These materials work best for cheeseboards.

Cat-themed tote

Who couldn’t use another tote bag? Get a cute, custom tote bag with your companion’s adorable cat face plastered all over it, or go a sophisticated route with stylish tote bags. Now, your friend can shop sustainably and stylishly.


finallyyyy got the tote bags! they’ll be restocked this Friday at 1pm est! ✨ #smallbusiness #cats #catart #fypシ #totebag #catartist

♬ Cats on Mars – Seatbelts

Rad cat socks

As the weather gets colder, we dig into our drawers, looking for our coziest socks. Why not get the pet parent in your life a pair of warm cat socks?

Try knee-high socks with cat faces at the knees and paws on the feet.

You could also go custom and get socks with the cat’s picture printed on them. “Say cheese!”

Cat moms will need tools to remove cat hair.

We’ve found some of the best.

A tumbler

Help your bestie get her water intake in with a stainless steel tumbler. Or any material.

You can showcase their sense of humor with the right tumbler and give them something they can use daily.

Meow Your Cat Mom With These Holiday Gift Ideas

Give your cat-themed gifts all year long. In our humble opinion, there isn’t a holiday in which a cat gift can’t be given.

Cat Mother’s Day wine glass

Cat moms are moms, too. Celebrate them with a mother’s day wine glass. Pair this with a bottle of wine and your cheese board, and you’ve got a gift pairing made for them.

Cat home decor makes a great Christmas gift

Want to please your cat mama? Gift them cat-themed home decor.

A modern, metal geometric cat wall art would look purr-fect in any living room.

Kitty hiding places that fit with your home decor are a great find. This side table has a hidden cat bed for your furry friend, Shmoo Schmooerton.

Do you have a plant lover on your hands? Get one of these cute cat-themed plant pots.

Purr-fect Gift Ideas for The Fun Cat Mom

Celebrate the fun friend in your life with gifts for the ones who lean into their brand of weird.

Crazy cat lady t-shirt

The clothes you wear showcase who you are without you ever saying a word. How do you say, “I’m a crazy cat lady!” Put it on your shirt.

What t-shirt would show off your friend’s personality? Take your time because there are plenty to choose from.

Cat ears (twinsies!)

Twin with your cat with these adorable cat ear accessories.

A cat ear headband is an easy add-on to complete your cat mom uniform.

Add the cutest hooded jacket with an extra adorable cat-ear hood.


For those asking, why yes I made the hoodie and yes of course i sewed on the cat ears, it was very necessary.

♬ FVN! – LVL1

Can’t go wrong with cat print hoodies

Fall is here, which means it’s sweata-weatha, or hoody weather for the rest of us. A present that will be used regularly is a cute cat-print hoody.

You have your options for stylish, or ultimate lounging hoodies with big pockets and maybe a cat-ear hood.

You can’t go wrong with a cozy hoody. No one looked at a hoody and said, “No, I don’t feel like being comfy today.” It’s always a solid yes!

That’s it!

You are set to provide the perfect gift for your cat-loving bestie and their cat, Jennifur Clawnnelly.

This ultimate gift guide will give you every option to choose the right gift for the cat mom in your life this gift-giving season.

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