39 Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Use

Moving day has come and gone, and now your lot a housewarming party, but it will still be fun. Now, you’re Googling, “What is the best gift for a housewarming?” looking at every gift guide you can find to choose the perfect housewarming gift.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re breaking down the best housewarming gifts that they will actually use. We all have that fancy dish set or platter that we were gifted and never used. Don’t feel bad. You aren’t the Queen of England hosting high tea. Your loved one is a normal person who needs normal things. Here is the practical guide to housewarming gifts your friends are sure to love.

The best housewarming gift for the new homeowners

Your friend(s) just bought their first home, which means they’re excited and absolutely terrified all at once. They have done the fun part: planning the housewarming party. But, next up on their list is figuring out how the heck to manage a whole home. I mean, their 500-square-foot studio was a struggle and they had a landlord to take care of the big stuff.

We recommend you buy practical gifts for their new home to help ease them into homeownership.

Home office essentials

Most companies offer hybrid or virtual working options, which means an Instagram-perfect home office is a top priority. You need that Zoom-scape looking on point during all of those online meetings, right?

1. Temperature-controlled smart mug

Picture this: you pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, sit down at the computer, and start working. Pretty accurate, right? You check emails, respond to requests, etc., etc… You reach for your coffee…ice. cold! Do NOT put your loved one through that. Make sure their home office includes a temperature-controlled smart mug. These technological wonders will keep their warm drink perfectly temperate for as long as that Zoom meeting drags on.

2. Throw pillows

Many home offices have a chair or two for guests. Dress them up with throw pillows that show the new homeowner’s personality. The new space will pop with patterned or colorful throw pillows that can easily be swapped out seasonally or when you change your mind.
Take it a touch further by getting a throw pillow customized with an embroidered illustration of their fur babies. Who wouldn’t love that?

3. House plants

If you’re asking yourself, “What is a nice, inexpensive housewarming gift?” consider a house plant. Nothing dresses up a desk like a gorgeous succulent! House plants can add a touch of nature to your home office, bringing the outdoors in.

Let’s not forget that house plants have health benefits, too. When you wake up thinking, “Nope, not today,” your house plant will say, “yes, today!” They are proven to improve your mood, reduce fatigue (although, we’re not telling anyone to skip the coffee – let’s not go that far), reduce stress (like when you get that sudden “can you talk” Slack message), improve focus, and so much more.
Houseplants are a safe bet for anyone with a new home. They go with any home decor style. Plus, if your friends are brown thumbs, you can get them faux plants, which only require light dusting.

4. Diffuser

When the stress of an overflowing inbox, pinging instant messengers, and looming deadlines get to be too much, your friend can turn on their diffuser and refocus.

You can add a secondary gift of essential oils to make the gift complete. Home offices can benefit from essential oils that improve focus and relieve stress. A great starter gift set would have lavender, which is used to calm both emotional and physical ailments; peppermint, which improves brain function; and orange, used to alleviate stress.


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First-time hosts

The first thing one may realize when they move into a new house is that none of their old stuff works in the new space (or, is that just me?). It is likely, that a new homeowner who may have previously been renting an apartment, doesn’t have all of the kitchen necessities that they would need for hosting the holidays that will inevitably be handed to them now that they own a home.

5. Charcuterie board

Another hosting must is a charcuterie board.

Who doesn’t dream of being that host? The one who has it all together. A beautifully styled charcuterie board (find one that’s dishwasher-safe!) will do just that. Plus, they can be customized for all guests from a kids’ party to a swanky wine and cheese party. You can even monogram the charcuterie board for an added touch of thoughtfulness. Throw in a bottle of wine, and a few wine glasses and your new homeowner will be set.

6. Coffee maker

Don’t forget the coffee maker. No one has ever hosted a family party without the grandparents demanding coffee by the end of the evening. A new homeowner might not have a coffee maker and will definitely need one. Go luxe with your coffee and consider getting an Italian espresso machine. Nothing will impress the grandparents more than offering them a latte at the end of the night. (Looking for more ideas for gifts for Grandpa or Grandma? We have another blog for that.)

Thoughtful housewarming gifts for the couple that just moved in together

Your favorite couple-friend (or newlyweds) just moved in together and now it’s time to find the perfect housewarming gift. As new co-habitants, they are ready to put their co-stamp on their new home. Focus on gifts that celebrate their new relationship step.

Couple gifts

7. Doormat

Get a gift that greets everyone at the door: a welcome mat. You can purchase a custom doormat from online shops like Etsy with the couple’s names or funny sayings that represent them. For example, if they are co-pet-parents, get them a doormat that represents their fur-baby.

8. Monogram dish towels

Everyone needs dishtowels, but customizing them with a monogram is a sweet surprise for the couple. Get the dish (pun intended) on how they’re planning on decorating their new house. Do they have any color themes? What vibe are they going for? Then, pick out monogram dish towels that will go beautifully with their new home decor.

Love is in the air

9. Return address stamp

Living together for the first time doesn’t feel real until you see that return address stamp with both of your names on it. Get their new address and use a shop like Amazon or Etsy to order a custom return address stamp with the couple’s names on it. It will be a special surprise that will have extra meaning for them.

10. Wineglasses

Delight the couple with custom wine glasses. Do they have a saying they use a lot or an inside joke? Get it printed on wine glasses for an ultra-personal gift that will also represent the couple. The extra thought will be appreciated.

11. Artwork

Do a deep dive and find out where the couple met and buy them artwork with the coordinates of that location.

How sweet will it be when they open their housewarming gift to find personal artwork that represents their relationship?

Another personalized artwork option is to take a favorite photo of them and immortalize it in artwork form.

To make this idea into handheld size, you can do something similar with custom coasters. You can create custom coasters with photos, sayings, coordinates, their names, or anything else you can imagine.

Time to split the chores. Give the housewarming gift that keeps on giving.

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Perfect housewarming gift for the family who recently moved to a new home

A family move comes with a lot of emotions: new schools, new friends, unfamiliar environment. Moving is tough on kids, so help them feel more comfortable in their new home with the best housewarming gift for the whole family. These gifts will bring the family together and make their new house a home.

Family Bonding

children playing chess

12. Family Portrait

Include the whole family in your gift with a family portrait! You can do this in several ways. Get a gift card for a local photographer who can do a family shoot in their new home. Another option is an Etsy artwork print of the family. Last, you can use an already existing photo of the family and have it printed in a unique way like pop art, cartoon, or a sketch.

13. Games

Help the family form new traditions in their new home with a game night. Get a big decorative box and fill it with board and card games that are fun for the whole family! Create a whole vibe by adding popcorn, candy, and a Bluetooth speaker for a game night soundtrack.

14. Movie night

Give the family a movie night in their new house with an easy gift box. You can include a gift card for Vudu, popcorn, big movie theater-style candy, and an old-fashioned red and white popcorn container. You’ll provide some nostalgia and family bonding time in the living room.

15. Experiences

What better way to celebrate moving somewhere new than to gift an experience? Go to Yelp and Google Business to find the best places to go in their new town. Then, get gift cards for these places. They will get to know their new neighborhood, experience places they might not have found on their own, and learn to feel more comfortable in their new area.

16. Family cooking night

Get everyone involved in family dinner with a dinner subscription box. You can send the family a set number of dinner boxes that they can make in their brand new kitchen. Along with this, you can add a cutting board, cookware, and cast iron pans so they have everything they need for cooking with their loved ones. Go one step further and include a smart appliance, like a toaster or air fryer.

Thoughtful housewarming gifts for the college student who just moved into a dorm (or shared space)

Do you know someone heading off to college for the first time? Living on your own for the first time is exciting and terrifying (*RING* “Mom, how do I do laundry?”). You are starting from scratch and know nothing about living on your own. For the new co-ed in your life, give essentials and things that will remind them of home because they’re probably missing both!

Dorm room essentials

17. Mini coffee maker

With early classes and late nights, a one-cup coffee maker is essential for any dorm room. You can find one-cup coffee makers that fit anyone’s style. One quick search on Amazon and you’ll find stylish coffee makers that will go with their dorm room decor.

18. Cookware

Dorm rooms typically don’t have in-room kitchens (although, some do!), but they do have shared kitchens within the dorm building. Your new college-bound friend or loved one will need something to cook with (this is especially important if they moved off-campus).
The best gift for this newly independent person is a simple Always Pan, or stainless steel cookware set that is dishwasher safe (if they’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher in the kitchen), non-stick, and fool-proof. Stainless steel cookware is a good option because it’s easy to clean, durable, and requires no maintenance. No cast iron for college kids! They will 1,000% not oil and season their pans.

19. Organization accessories

Dorm rooms are tiny and you’re sharing them with another person! Organization accessories will make it easy to store school supplies, snacks, and clothes. Head on over to a store and browse for organization accessories that will make it easy to find everything they need when they need it. Bonus points for accessories that make it easy to pack because they will be moving in and out of their dorm during winter break and summer break. That’s a lot of moving!

20. Bedding

Every new college student needs cozy bedding to make up for those thin mattresses. Find out what style they plan on going for in their dorm room and include them in the decision. Are they going for a boho minimalist or a retro vibe? Add some throw pillows and a throw blanket to make the look complete.

Personalize the dorm

Help the student in your life make their new space feel like theirs with decor that screams their name. Or, maybe just illuminates it. Emblazon their name on a neon sign. It’ll look cool, and be a great conversation piece.

21. Mood lighting

Set the tone for the room with some fun mood lighting. You could go with the stereotypical dorm lighting of a lava lamp or black light. Another good option is desk lamps. With all of those hours hunched over their laptop, a desk lamp will be sure to get plenty of use.

22. Photo Frames

College brings memories of new friends, late-night burritos, and lots of selfies! Give those photos a home and get your college-bound friend picture frames. It will give their dorm some personality and they can showcase their favorite memories.

23. Technology

Technology is a big part of the college experience, so gifts like a laptop, tablet, or earbuds will be one of the best housewarming gifts you can give. After all, your friend needs a soundtrack in the ears as they bop from class to class.

24. Living room furniture

Some dorms have a shared living room that needs furniture! Or, maybe off-campus living is the reality this year. Consider gifting your loved one a coffee table for their new home away from home. A stylish coffee table can set the tone for the whole room, so choose wisely!

Great housewarming gifts for the bachelor in your life

Is the bachelor in your life getting a new home? Help them avoid the “bachelor pad” look of black leather couches and hand-me-down everything. With these housewarming gift ideas, you can dress up their new space and get your loved one ready to host friends (and maybe FINALLY meet someone they don’t swipe left on!).

Kitchen basics

Bachelors tend to have a short list of kitchen supplies (like disposable spoons and a single coffee filter). So, gift kitchen basics that will make their new house feel like a home.

25. Stoneware

Get the man in your life some tough plate ware. Stoneware is especially nice because it heats evenly, retains heat, and can be used in the oven. That means, when they are cooking their one-person dinner, they can cook it right in the bowl they eat from. The dishes will still stack up in the sink, but there will be fewer of them!

26. Pizza stone

Who doesn’t love pizza? A high-end pizza stone is bound to be well-used by any bachelor. You can go practical and order a plain ceramic pizza stone that does the job well.

Or, you can go custom! Get their name or a fun phrase engraved on the pizza stone. You can find Etsy sellers who create beautiful hand-crafted pizza stones that are completely customizable.

27. Coffee lover gifts

Does your bachelor friend love coffee (like the rest of us)? You have plenty of options to please the coffee fiend in your life. Start with a single pour-over coffee dripper or sturdy Moka pot. You can find stylish single-serve coffee makers that are perfect for someone who is living alone. Is your loved one on the go often? Go with a portable espresso maker. It can fit into luggage or even a backpack, so they can get a delicious espresso even when they’re staying at that ho-hum hotel for a work trip.

28. Cleaning supplies

If your bachelor friend is living on his own for the first time, he probably needs those essential cleaning supplies that you don’t think about when you live with your parents or roommates. A Roomba robot vacuum is the gift that keeps giving (literally… every day, on a schedule!).
Another cleaning-related gift is a cleaning supply subscription box. You can choose a sustainable subscription box that provides refills for your reusable bottles. You’re not the only one who has a splash left every time you need to use a cleaning product! With a subscription box, you never run out.

29. Custom signs

Create a custom sign that showcases his specific interests. Is your friend or family member a fan of grilling, computer games, or dogs? Wherever their interest lies, you can create a custom sign for them.


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Hosting like a pro

Your bachelor friend has a new home and is ready to host his friends. Help them host like the best of them with these fun gifts.

30. Pizza oven

Get a pizza oven! Whether your bachelor has a house, condo, or is moving into an apartment, they can use a portable pizza oven at home, camping, or wherever they please.

31. Backyard bar

Get your friend host-ready with a backyard bar. They will be excited to host the next event when they have a stylish backyard beverage bar to fill with their favorite craft beers. Add on to this gift a set of personalized beer mugs. Is there anything more relaxing than a backyard beer in a chilled mug? I think not!

32. Good smelling gifts

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a bachelor’s pad, you know why this is the best housewarming gift for them. Get the new homeowner a scented candle with unique scents that will make their home smell good, without the frills. Find a scented candle with original smells like leather, coffee, forest, bourbon, or mulled wine. You can also get the bachelor a diffuser and essential oils. Some essential oils include smells like sweet tobacco, clove, fresh-cut wood, coffee, bay rum, and bacon!

Housewarming gift ideas for the single woman

🎶 All the single ladies! Now, put your hands up! 🎶

Is the single woman in your life moving into a new house? We have the best housewarming gifts for her. She has an opportunity to put her stamp on this new home and you can help her do that with these certified single lady gifts.

The hostess with the mostest

Parmesan Reggiano cheese on cutting board

33. Stock the bar

Help your friend or family member stock the bar in their new kitchen, so they can host with the best of them. You can bring her bottles of wine or go all out and get a countertop refillable wine barrel. Add wine glasses that are sure to make her laugh. You can get already-made wine glasses like this, “Look at me adulting” glass or customize them with an inside joke or their name.

34. Cheeseboard with a cheese knife

Has your friend been dreaming of the wine and cheese nights she would host at her new place? Get her a marble cheeseboard with a matching cheese knife, so she can host her party with style. The next book club night is going to be very chic.

35. Stylish snacks

Beautiful snacks will impress her guests. Order assorted macarons – arguably the prettiest little cookies that ever existed.
When choosing your snacky gift, think of a theme. Some fun themes could be a Luau, movie night, night in Paris, seaside, or wild west. Choose a theme and get snacks and drinks that meet that theme. Don’t forget a gift box that makes the theme clear.


Does she have a dog?

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New home problems

When you buy a home, you no longer have the safety net of calling the building staff to help with issues that arise. These gifts will make the transition to homeownership much easier.

36. Unpacking Support

To support their big move, you can hire a home organizer to help them start fresh with an organized home. To use this idea on a smaller scale, get them gift cards for lunch during their move. Even if you can’t be there, you can always make the move-in day a little easier for them. When you’re unpacking boxes in your new kitchen, finding your pots and pans and making a meal is the last thing you want to do, so those gift cards will come in handy.

37. Toolset

Every new home needs a toolset for those issues that arise. She doesn’t always need to call a pro to fix that clogged sink or install that closet organizer. Instead, get her a toolkit with all of the essentials she’ll need for her new home. Soon enough, her drill will be her new sidekick on many weekends.

Homebody gifts

38. Scented candles

Is your friend or family member moving from out of state? They’re probably pretty homesick, so consider a Homesick candle! They make candles that represent the smells of each state. Say your friends moved from Chicago to San Diego. Send them an Illinois Homesick candle to remind them of their Chicago days. It’s a nice way to remember the past while enjoying your new adventure.

39. Cozy throw blanket

When you’re cuddled up at home, there is nothing nicer than a cozy throw blanket. Covered from head to toe in a soft throw, relaxing, and basking in the glow of new homeownership. Pair the throw blanket with a Kindle and you’ve just made your homebody friend’s night.

The housewarming party is coming soon, but don’t fret. Now, you’re armed with the gift guide for real people. Mentally prepare to be that friend who bought the gift they use daily.

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